CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- A 20-year-old man said he's on a mission to catch what he calls "child predators."

"I just go online, pretend to be a 15-year-old boy and get weirdos to come meet me," said Kerrick Bryant of Chandler. "They think they’re going to meet with a little kid and do things. Nasty things."

Bryant said he uses Grindr, a dating app geared to the LGBTQ community, to meet the men in Chandler at places like the mall and grocery store.

He's posted two videos on Twitter showing him confronting these men. He said his roommate helps him with the filming.

Videos show him following men, asking them if they came to meet a 15-year-old kid and saying he plans to post the videos online and call the cops.

We blurred faces and left out names because police said no one has been charged. Chandler PD said they know about the videos, and detectives are looking into it.

Bryant said he's confronted two men in the last week.

"They ask for inappropriate pictures," said Bryant. "They ask if I want to do anything inappropriate with them, anything sexual. They send inappropriate pictures. They just go really in detail [about] what they want to do to these kids, and it’s disgusting."

Police detective and owner of Online Safety Specialists, Scott Pietrzak, said confrontations like this might do more harm than good.

"It is a sort of vigilantism," said Pietrzak. "There’s a lot of standards we have to go by. Things really have to line up in a row for us to get an arrest out of this. If those things don’t line up, we don’t get an arrest out of it."

Evan Bolick, an attorney with Rose Law Group in Scottsdale said, “While not illegal to adopt a fake identity online and "catfish" a person, this Twitter user is certainly in jeopardy of facing a hefty lawsuit if he is wrong about his allegations. Branding people as a pedophile and plastering their image online could lead to lawsuits over false light, defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress."


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