A Chandler woman is frustrated with her homeowner's association, saying they told her the new gate her family built - that the HOA approved - has to be removed.

"I think they like to feel the power, they can make the calls and sometimes it's valid, sometimes it's ridiculous," said Janelle Smith.

She said from welding the metal to staining the wood, it was a family affair; even her kids helped work on the gate.

But now, the HOA company is telling them, before they sell their house, they have to revert back to the old gate.

"It was a lot of fun, so it would be really painful to take it down at this point," Smith said.

She said back in July of 2014, she and her husband got a notice from their HOA, approving the aesthetics of their proposal. Then, in April of this year, nearly two years later, she said they got another letter from the HOA saying they were mistaken.

"'Oh, we made a mistake, you're going to have to put the old gate back in,'" she said, paraphrasing the letter.

The Smiths removed the concrete posts that held up the old gate, which Smith said the HOA knew about. In their April letter, though, the HOA said they should have told them back in 2014 that they couldn't remove the posts.

"I would estimate about $3,000 went into the making of the gate," Smith said.

She said the HOA has agreed to send out a contractor to get an estimate on how much it would cost to revert to the old style, but she hopes they just drop the issue.

"We would love to just keep the gate, it's not causing any harm to the wall," Smith said.

We spoke with someone who identified himself as one of the owners of the community management company, and he deferred to the HOA board. We also emailed the community manager of the HOA but as of Tuesday night, have not yet heard back.

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