PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- One of the most important rules when it comes to using the Valley Metro light rail -- pay the fare.

There's no ticket taker when you board the trains, which means Valley Metro basically trusts that people pay.

[WATCH: Riders who skip Valley Metro fare wanted on warrants]

Every now and then, though, the Transportation Bureau of the Phoenix Police Department and Valley Metro do sweeps to make sure all riders have valid tickets.

If you don't, they'll take you off the train, but that's not all. Police also will run your name to see if there might be other issues.

For example, one lady who had been riding for three days on the same ticket was wanted on a misdemeanor warrant in another matter. She was taken into custody.

Police say they found a glass pipe and methamphetamines in her bag.

Another rider claimed he was from New York, and he left his ID at home, but police couldn't find any information about the name he gave them.

"If at any time you are willing to give us more info, we are willing to listen," an officer said while cuffing the man. "We can’t confirm what you’re saying is true, so we've got to fingerprint [you] and [go] from there."

In less than two hours, police cited 11 people for theft of services. Those fines from $50 to $500.

Six of the people cites were arrested -- five for misdemeanors and one for a felony warrant.

One of them was wanted on a shoplifting warrant out of Glendale.

Here's the interesting part. If those people had paid the $2 one-way fare, they would have been invisible to the fare inspector and the Phoenix police.

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