CHANDLER, Ariz. (3TV/CBS5) -- School is back in session and the Chandler Police Department wants drivers to slow down in school zones.

Officers are looking for speeders in and around designated zero tolerance zones. 

Stanley Roberts spent the day with one officer who handed out some pretty hefty fines.

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School zones are double fine zones, so slow down or pay up.

If you do end up getting a speeding ticket there are ways to keep it off you record:

-Go to court and fight it, however if you lose you could end of paying more

-Attend defensive driving classes and have the violation wiped clean.

- Or you could just not speed…  

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Stanley exposes individuals who brazenly defy the law or common courtesy, risking social and/or legal consequences.

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Too bad the Mesa police refused to crack down on snowbirds about 20 years ago when my wife was a crossing guard. There was one old lady(?) from out of state who refused to slow down in school zones, and in fact refused to run the normal 25 mph speed limit. My wife complained time and again to the police but was ignored. Oh plenty of LOCAL drivers got tickets, but not snowbirds. One day when the old woman almost hit my wife and a child she threw the stop sign at her car. Too bad she missed.

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