PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5)--At the intersection of Seventh Avenue and Camelback Road in Phoenix, there was a Valley Metro fare sweep, where passengers are checked to confirm they paid their fare to ride the light rail.

[VIDEO: Phoenix passengers Caught Misbehaving on the Valley Metro Light Rail]

Riding the Valley Metro Light Rail is based on an honor system.

Officials trust you will purchase a fare, but they will randomly verify that you did. If you didn’t fare, inspectors will pull you off. 

There are a few options if you either didn’t or couldn’t pay the 2-dollar one-way fare. You can be asked to go a purchase a ticket or the person can receive a ticket, which can range from 50 dollars all the way up to $500 and in most cases be banned from riding for 24 hours ‘

Then there was a woman who was has been riding the light rail for three straight days on the same ticket.

Now the rider had some issues that would have gone unnoticed had she done one thing, pay for each day she was riding

Or the other option you can get a free ride down to the pokey.

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