GOODYEAR, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- "In a school zone, doing 5 mph over in a school zone is way too fast. I know on a normal road people believe they have 5 mph wiggle room. In a school zone 15 mph is 15 mph. You can get a ticket at 16 mph." 

Those of the words from a Goodyear police officer while talking to a driver pulled over for speeding in a posted school zone.

[WATCH: School zone speeders caught]

The speed limit is 15 mph, yet drivers believe that there is some wiggle room above the posted speed limit. There is not. 

Goodyear police did not issues tickets for speeding, but gave out warnings, even to drivers that were suspected of criminal speeding.

Each driver was issued written warnings just in case they didn't learn the first time and get stopped again.

Stanley Roberts tagged along with Goodyear Police during the education of drivers.

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