PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Two sets of double yellow lines more than four feet across in Arizona means that drivers should never cross, it should be viewed as an invisible barrier.  Most drivers know this rule but choose to ignore it.

WATCH: Drivers cross the double line and get caught

Stanley Roberts tests this theory in Phoenix at the intersection of Tatum and East Bell Road where on any given day you will find numerous drivers violating the double yellow line law.

When asked, most drivers knew the law, but thought that if the road was clear it was permitted. 

[SPECIAL SECTION: Caught Misbehaving with Stanley Roberts]

Caught Misbehaving with Stanley Roberts exposes individuals who brazenly defy the law or common courtesy, risking social and/or legal consequences. His reports air regularly on CBS 5 News at 10 p.m.

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Stanley exposes individuals who brazenly defy the law or common courtesy, risking social and/or legal consequences.

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(19) comments


No ned to Run Over the laws with them.[beam]


Stanley- do you not see the obvious contradiction: "When asked, most drivers knew the law, but thought that if the road was clear it was permitted."? If they think it's permitted, do they really know the law?


Well, I drive the PHX roads a lot and don't really ever have any issues because I just don't care and I am not letting any of the silliness bother me. I just pay attention, drive defensive, anticipate moves. My only peeve is cloggers in the LEFT lane on I 17/I10 heading to Flag or Tucson. I have learned to stay right and use the left only to pass and it works well. The double yellow is self explanatory but I wonder if the streets are caught up with growth and what was not a problem is now a problem. Drive on...

Phillup Witgas

The drivers in this state are the rudest most ignorant bunch of morons I have ever seen. And these idiots are still texting and trying to drive. Almost got hit by one the other day. Red light runners, turning into the wrong lane, not pulling out in the intersection to make a turn,speeding like bats out of Hades. And I have never seen a motorcycle cop with his fat behind sitting at an intersection to watch all this. He could write tickets all day long.


Withgas - So you'd join me in supporting photo radar?

Phillup Witgas

The problem is just not the speeders. And how did you assume that I am a proponent of photo radar ??? Don't get jerky with me. My comment clearly states posting a patrol officer at intersections. I do not think photo radar is the answer. I see one speeder compared to six other obvious infractions everyday. Motor Patrol Officers have one main job and that is to enforce traffic laws. Not appreciated is parking their rumps behind a bush with a radar gun. Compared to all the crud I see on the roads, speeding is down the list a bit. Have a nice day. And try not to misinterpret any bodys comments.

Tony G

Clearly you have never driven in California.


Tony G - Maybe you're confusing California's politics with California drivers. Driving in California, which I've done countless times, is much better than driving in Arizona. Driver skill level and the way people drive in California is far superior to Arizona drivers. It's always a relief once I'm driving there and am no longer among Arizona drivers. In Arizona people drive as if it's a competition for some reason, are incredibly inconsiderate, constantly being lane clogs interfering with the flow of traffic, getting triggered and taking it personal if a driver behind them decides to pass them, speeding up on drivers who switch lanes in front of them, taking it personal and getting triggered if a driver in the lane next to them flyes passed them, and then there're those wonderful Arizona drivers who move over in front of a driver who is clearly driving much faster than they are for no other purpose than to get in the faster driver's way and become a lane clog. When driving in California the first thing that is noticeably better than driving in Arizona is that the problems I mentioned above don't exist. That alone makes California drivers much better than Arizona drivers. On the rare occasion that some type of Arizona thing might happen on a California roadway it's not as big of a deal because it's so rare. Some of the other ways that California drivers are far better than Arizona drivers are people there are not driving as if it's some sort of competition, they're typically considerate of other drivers who are merging, changing lanes, or trying to drive faster. They're not concerned with another driver passing them up. People stay out of the way of the faster driving traffic in the left two lanes and it doesn't bother them to do this, it's not perceived as personal. Also diesels, buses, commercial vehicles, and trucks and other vehicles pulling trailers are only allowed to drive in the far right two lanes. This and the generally better attitude about driving makes traffic flow much smoother in California than in Arizona and makes a far more pleasant experience on the road. It's less stressful, which is healthier and contributes to a better quality of life.

Tony G

Thank you for your long commentary. Unfortunately, I disagree. We will just leave it at that/


Your example of how people take it personally when someone "passes them" is total garbage. What people do when "passing them" is they have decided to pass one car at a time, when the car in front of them is travelling with the recommended, and in some states the law, with 3 seconds. Well that isn't enough for California drivers, and neither is waiting for your turn to enter an exit to another freeway. The California drivers are responsible for the cruise at 15mph in the right lane to cut into line. Specifically the I-10 to Loop 101 interchange in West Valley.This causes havoc for the exit lane and next two lanes. This is an LA carryover. Those two California traits were carried over to Phoenix in the mid 2000's when LA home owners sold their home in LA, to move to West Valley and buy 2-3 houses. The LA influx initiated all crappy driving in Maricopa County.


We left it at that yesterday when I clicked the "Post comment" button.


Traffic is not bad in the summer when the rude snowbirds go home to their gravel roads and 2 lane highways where they can drive any direction they want in any lane


i go from 1-10 to 202 ramp ramp speed says 50mph i really annoy people off when i slow to 55mph

Phillup Witgas

No matter how fast you drive in this state, some jerkoff is going to ride up your behind wanting you to go faster.


mj - Do you do that intentionally, annoying them?


A solid yellow line on your side of the roadway means "Do not pass". You may cross the double yellow line to make a left turn. Two sets of double yellow lines indicates a "flush" traffic island. I could not find any reference to the double set of double yellow lines that prohibits crossing to make a left turn. Not in the driver's license manual nor in the AZ Revised Statutes, Title 28. What is your reference that prohibits making a left turn across two sets of double yellow lines?


Try obeying every law of the road, and just watch the others around you. Up comes the middle finger, beware of someone zooming past you on your right, etc.


I guarantee you "most" Arizona drivers DO NOT know that law or about 95% of the rest of the traffic laws.


Exactly, who has time to keep up with every bu//$hit law that is passed in the land of the free! I wonder how many laws Marley & Friends break every day without even knowing?

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