PHOENIX (3TV/CBS5) -- Arizona has one of the highest rates of vehicle versus pedestrian collisions in the country. In fact, Phoenix tops the national average for pedestrian fatalities.

Crosswalks are a safety zone for pedestrians when used properly. Unfortunately, drivers ignore the crosswalk and block people from safely crossing.

Stanley Roberts spent time at a downtown Phoenix intersection watching how pedestrians had to dodge around buses and cars. Even a visually impaired man had to navigate around one bus partially blocking the crosswalk.

If Phoenix is going to cut down on pedestrian fatalities, there needs to be more emphasis on pedestrian safety.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has several tips for pedestrian safety. Some of them include: walk facing traffic if there's no sidewalk, keep alert at all times and wear bright clothing.

Caught Misbehaving with Stanley Roberts exposes individuals who brazenly defy the law or common courtesy, risking social and/or legal consequences. His reports air regularly on CBS 5 News at 10 p.m.

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Stanley exposes individuals who brazenly defy the law or common courtesy, risking social and/or legal consequences.

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Thank you for this story. I walk to work in midtown everyday. And while I ALWAYS follow the traffic rules and signals, I regularly see drivers who don't even glance for pedestrians, particularly when turning right on red or turning right onto Central off a street with no signal. People need to slow down and look out for pedestrians and people in wheel chairs!


And you can bet the reason for the high pedestrian / car collision is due to the fact the pedestrians were ignoring traffic controls. And the vast majority of the ones I have seen are from south of the border - illegals? I used to drive 19th ave a lot and it was like those of foot were TRYING to get hit.


about 90% of the videos you show the pedestrians were crossing when the DON'T WALK light was on. The rest the cars did not cause any problems.


It used to be, when the world was sane, that there was interaction between pedestrian and driver....eye contact, a wave. Pedestrian starts to cross street with car coming and they'd sort it can make through in say, 1.4 seconds while pedestrian (especially those that take their sweet a** time) makes it through in 14 a pedestrian, you'd motion for the driver to go and you, as a pedestrian, would just do a little hiccup while the driver passes and you continue on as well...........there's room for 2 to keep moving! There used to be so much more consideration; more respect for life.....more common sense, more practicality....less regulation because people used common sense and sorted it out. The world's a truly f'd up place these days. People, especially younger people, can't think past their noses, as we used to say.


I would like to see actual police statistics on pedestrian fatalities here in the valley. I'd venture to say that the majority of the deceased were not in crosswalks or were crossing when "don't walk" was displayed. Another problem might be that, like speeding, valley law enforcement seem to turn a blind eye until something tragic happens?


you must be a miserable person running around like an idiot looking for stupid stuff. Why not become a real reporter and report on real news?

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