PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- "Put back your shopping cart!" very well might be the mantra of shoppers (and grocery store employees) nationwide. 

[WATCH: Where do shopping carts do when you're finished with them? (There is a right answer.)]

It's no different here in Phoenix. But that rule -- sometimes posted or spoken aloud, sometimes just implied -- is often ignored. Proof can be seen in the parking lot of pretty much any grocery store. Odds are it's littered with abandoned shopping carts.

After receiving numerous complaints about shoppers who refuse to return shopping carts to the corral, I went searching to see just how bad the problem is. And I caught numerous shoppers misbehaving.

The rules of etiquette for shopping carts are simple. Either place your cart in one of the cart corrals in the parking lot (That's in. Not near.) or return it to the store entrance.

Caught Misbehaving with Stanley Roberts exposes individuals who brazenly defy the law or common courtesy, risking social and/or legal consequences. His reports air regularly on CBS 5 News at 10 p.m.

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