(3TV/CBS 5) - The center lane, also known as the suicide lane or the center left turn lane, is on many of the roadways in Arizona. The purpose of the lane is to allow drivers to make left hand turns without impeding the flow of traffic.

[SPECIAL SECTION: Caught Misbehaving]

The problem is, many drivers are now using the center left turn lane as a lane of traffic, often rolling down for more than a quarter mile. Often they have their blinkers on to give the impression that they are about to turn.

That move is illegal and dangerous, viewers have emailed Stanley Roberts about the problem, and ironically, he noticed the problem too. There is a fine for using the center turn lane improperly in Phoenix. It's $179 plus points. And if you get in a crash, you could be found at fault.

Caught Misbehaving with Stanley Roberts exposes individuals who brazenly defy the law or common courtesy, risking social and/or legal consequences. His reports air regularly on CBS 5 News at 10 p.m.

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Stanley exposes individuals who brazenly defy the law or common courtesy, risking social and/or legal consequences.

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Stanley, you forgot about people who pull out from a side street or driveway into the LEFT turn lane and travel for a distance just to merge into their right lane. I see this happen several times a day and the people are now 'driving left of center' and could be cited. Amazing how many times I have see a police officer do just that.
And please define 'immediate left turn'. The law does not say how far you can travel but as long as you do not pass through an intersection (watch out for those side streets!!) you can travel in the lane to the intersection you are turning at. So please correct me if I am wrong.


I was told one time that if you pass an intersection while driving in that lane you are guilty of a violation. That means you best turn even if you did not intend to.


Today's drivers don't even know the rules of the road. So many need to go back to driving school! Its a miracle that the carnage on AZ roads isn't worse.

AZ Native

Good Luck at getting a Police officer to actually issue a citation for this. There are so many things the Police turn a "blind eye" to anymore. The City wants money, start enforcing some of the laws.

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