GLENDALE, AZ - On Feb. 7, the City of Glendale enacted a new ordinance making hands-free driving a requirement. Hands-free means drivers are not permitted to hold their phones while operating a motor vehicle. 

[SPECIAL SECTION: Caught Misbehaving]

Stanley Roberts explains how the hands-free law works and shows how many drivers he found who were in violation of that law. 

The State of Arizona does not have any cell phone laws in the books, but other cities like Phoenix have enacted ordinances with partial bans. A couple cities have full bans, like Surprise, and now Glendale. 

The first offense is $250.   

Caught Misbehaving with Stanley Roberts exposes individuals who brazenly defy the law or common courtesy, risking social and/or legal consequences. His reports air regularly on CBS 5 News at 10 p.m.

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Stanley exposes individuals who brazenly defy the law or common courtesy, risking social and/or legal consequences.

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How would anyone know Glendale has a hands-free law. Are there signs at every street that enters Glendale? This is why we need a state law. A real law that says if you are using a cell phone while driving (even at a stop light) you are breaking the law, distracted driving laws are too vague and not enforceable.

Wayne kenoff

I don’t inow about ebery street, but when I’m traveling north on 59th ave and missouri, the digital sign is displayed. Good point though


Watch out ... you are in Glendale!! YOU could get tased 11 times!! [unsure]


Remember people DO NOT admit to any officer if they pull you over that you ever had your phone in your hand because it is up to them to "prove" in a court of law if you had a phone in your hand !!


So you are trying to help people who break the law? Sounds like a republican.


Yep, just like a Republican to try to avoid taking responsibility for your illegal actions. How about not breaking the law in the first place. You are not important enough to need to be texting and calling people non-stop. If you are (you're not) but if you are get a hands free device. Hopefully, they will make it automatic that your phone and text records are automatically reviewed by police if you get in an accident. And if you were on the phone, you automatically assume 50% liability even if you weren't at fault.


The socialists, er democrats, already know every way to avoid obeying any laws. Just look at the clintons and obamas


Dear Stanley and Sean - I got the impression that you guys think the Glendale "no texting" law is too harsh on drivers. 225 dollars. Do you guys remember the deaths from this activity? It seems like a few weeks ago there was a policeman killed by an admitted texter. I see people on their phones and want them to stay off of them. Am I being a crazy old man or are you guys missing the point of that law? I am sorry if I have misunderstood you, I must be dreaming.


We already have a distracted driving law implied in state ARS. This is not needed.

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