PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Since most Arizona drivers licences last for decades, without expiring it's up to the driver to keep up with forever changing traffic laws.

[SPECIAL SECTION: Caught Misbehaving]

Since 2000, there has been a law on the books called the three foot passing law or the three foot law for short. It pertains to drivers giving bicyclist at least three feet of space when sharing the road.

It's recommended that drivers change lanes to avoid trying to squeeze past a bicyclist, so that the cyclist car ride safely. Stanley Roberts conducted a pop quiz to see how many people knew about the three-foot law. 

Caught Misbehaving with Stanley Roberts exposes individuals who brazenly defy the law or common courtesy, risking social and/or legal consequences. His reports air regularly on CBS 5 News at 10 p.m.

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Stanley exposes individuals who brazenly defy the law or common courtesy, risking social and/or legal consequences.

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The issue is that most, and I'd say nearly ALL, bicyclists pick and choose when they follow traffic laws. They use the left turn lanes when they want but blow through stop signs and red lights when they want to. If you want to be treated as traffic, follow ALL the traffic laws, not just some. And use some discretion: find roads that are amenable to bicyclists, don't find narrow roads that force traffic to the left lane to go around you.

AZ Native

If everyone who hates living in Arizona would kindly move, it would be great! Quit your bellyaching and leave.


How about bikes need to be registered and insured like every other vehicle on the road.I drive for a living and see bikes all day long in every city in the valley all breaking the law right in front of police officers and nothing is ever done. Then when they get creamed by a car, it's the driver of the cars fault. Ridiculous! Bikes need to be legalized for the road or get off the roadway intended for motor vehicles.


By the way this is the ORIGINAL Dean: How about when bikes are rinsing 5 abreast blocking an entire CAR lane? How about bikes crossing against red lights? That happens more than cars endangering bikes.


Yep. I especially appreciate it when cyclists are crossing across traffic that has a green arrow ... on the wrong side of the road way. They just GO. Not all of them, but I've seen more than a few. What others have said, bicyclists really do blatantly ignore the rules of the road.


Is there any law dictating how far into the CAR lane a biker can ride? Just wondering.


Yes, they (we) are required to stay as far to the right as possible. I'm sure that's not the wording of the law, but it means that. So if there are grates, or debris in the roadway, bikes are allowed to move as far left as necessary to avoid the peril. It seems that most people don't realize that in the eyes of the law, a bicycle is a "vehicle", even though it doesn't require an operator's license in most jurisdictions. There are a few laws that apply to bicycles and other non-motor vehicles only. Most apply to both (like speed limits and yielding, for example).


I will add that few lanes are just for cars and those are clearly marked. Some are just for bikes though (also clearly marked). Otherwise, all vehicles, motorized or not are legally allowed to occupy the roadway. By CAR ONLY, you omit trucks, buses, motorcycles, and bicycles. Can you give an example of a CAR ONLY lane at some specific location?

Chuck Baker

Hmmm ... point out a typo and your comment gets deleted. Even if the typo is not corrected.

Chuck Baker

What is a "dedicated bile lane"? Doesn't sound very sanitary.


It's that little duct between your liver and your small intestine. :)


Roads are for cars anyway. Typical liberal law: now you must share the road with something that shouldn't be on the road to begin with.


Hey Dean - Kindly fck off. Happy Holidays!


Pick a state where they're not "liberal" whatever that means to you. Look up the law there. Bikes are allowed to share the roadway with other vehicles. Unfortunately, there are plenty of ignorant people who don't know that, and they feel it's okay to drive a multi-ton vehicle that surrounds them with metal in such a way that it imperils someone traveling on a 30lb or less vehicle.


Knowing you're out there makes me think I should wear a helmet while I drive my Suburban.


Most AZ drivers wouldn't abide by it even if they did know about it. You'd have to have a death wish to be a bicyclist, motorcyclist, or pedestrian in this state.

JF Conlon

Best not to be disabled, too poor to have a car, or in a wheelchair in Arizona!


As with ANY drivers (auto, truck, motorcycle, bicycle) there are people who obey the rules and people who don't. There are probably THOUSANDS of near misses each day on our roadways and most of those don't end up accidents because of the people who DO obey and drive defensively. In two months I saw two road rage incidents where cars and trucks, and cars and motorcycles were playing chicken on the highway. People are insane.

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