GILBERT (3TV/CBS 5)--In late November, we ran a story about a woman in Gilbert who is choosing to treat her breast cancer naturally  which means without the use of conventional treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation.

We got a lot of feedback to that story and, as promised, we are following her journey and continuing the discussion about healthcare and choice.

[ORIGINAL STORY: Gilbert mom treating cancer naturally]

We talked to a naturopathic oncologist to get his thoughts.

Doctor Dan Rubin is a well known naturopathic oncologist here in the valley.

He treats patients using naturopathic methods but also works with other doctors for a more integrative approach.

Neither, he said, is necessarily better than the other.

"he data and clinical experience of my colleagues and myself in general say someone with an early stage breast cancer demonstrates that the naturopathic or non conventional treatment is not superior to surgical intervention. That's an important one because we are met with that quite a bit women who are declining surgery and opting for a naturopathic approach."

When asked specifically about Tarley Reed's case he said, "I can tell you without doubt that the overwhelming majority of women with primary breast carcinomas who do this type of treatment do not do well. and their tumors spread.

He went on to say others do just fine as long as they are on the appropriate program.

"We have a lot of tools at our disposal and it really depends on the condition of the patient, how sick are they? What type of cancer do they have? Have they had any conventional treatments and have they gotten sick from that? Or are they sick from the disease?"

He said it depends on the type of cancer and he doesn't know enough about her case specifically to say anything beyond that.

Finally, he said it's important understand the difference between integrative versus alternative.

Integrative will use some conventional treatments alongside natural remedies.

He says he is seeing a noticeable increase in the number of people looking for a different approach.

Heidi Goitia is the traffic reporter and fill-in anchor for CBS 5 This Morning weekdays from 4:30-7am.

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I hear praying and exorcism is equally effective as this treatment. Perhaps voodoo should be tried next. Somebody get me a live chicken!!


THIS JUST GETS WORSE AND WORSE. "Dr." Dan Rubin is NOT a medical doctor! He is not licensed to practice medicine in the state of Arizona. You are spewing false misinformation that will get people killed. If you're going to turn this circus into a debate about the "controversy," why not interview an actual medical doctor?

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