Burglary caught on surveillance camera

By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- A thief broke into a cell phone store in West Phoenix by somehow prying open the back door. But he didn't expect a camera to record his every move!

It happened a week ago at Wireless Toyz near 43rd Avenue and. Dunlap. The store's owner, Mike Farida, is hoping that sharing his surveillance video from an upgraded surveillance system in his shop will help deter thieves.

The surveillance camera was pointed at the back door of the store when the crime happened. If you look closely above the doorknob, you can see what looks like a crowbar appear. Seconds later, the door moves and then pops completely open. The thief walks in nonchalantly and starts swiping merchandise.

"He didn't have a care in the world," said Farida. He says he's disgusted with what he walked into and says he's been burglarized three times since he opened several years ago.

But he says this job was the worst. "These guys were definitely professionals; they knew what they were doing. So I hope someone can recognize them and get them to stop doing this," he said.

Phoenix Police are asking anyone who might recognize the thief or has any information to come forward.


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