CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Dramatic body camera footage released by the Chandler Fire Department Wednesday shows a domestic violence suspect attacking several officers even after they used a stun gun on him -- twice.

It happened on Saturday, June 1.

Officers said they arrived at a Chandler home to speak with a man named Erin Grant.

[WATCH: The body cam video]

From the very start, Grant’s ex-wife said she didn't want him at her home.

Body camera showed Grant becoming hostile as soon as officers went into the house and then getting into a fight with police.

According to footage, backup help didn't work and neither did a stun gun. The only thing that did work was a control-hold maneuver that caused Grant to pass out briefly.

[ORIGINAL STORY: Police say domestic violence suspect resisting arrest injured 3 Chandler officers]

In total, it took five officers to stop Grant, all as his his ex-wife and children looked on.

“Please, please stop! The kids are here!” she’s heard saying.

Police said cases like this are not uncommon, especially when it comes to domestic violence calls.

"You're dealing with high emotion when you get there... whether it's people arguing or physically fighting. It's raw emotion," Sgt. Daniel Mejia explained.

The video showed Grant fighting to the very end. As a result, he had to be forcibly carried out of the home.

By the end of the night, police say he had assaulted three officers. There were not badly hurt.

Grant is facing 13 different charges, including assault on a police officer and resisting arrest.


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(20) comments


As his ex wife they cut and pasted segments of the chest cam video they didn't happen in that order. I NEVER said I didnt want him at my house. This has NEVER happened before he is a veteran that is suffering from severe PTSD. So it's a shame the news can paint an entirely different picture and not even do any research before posting something like this.


IM rated with PTSD at 50% from the VA. Do I get to go do cool violent things, and blame it on that, too?

Agustus Gloop

Anybody heard from Nutsplash?


I suppose all you police brutality turds will say this was excessive force as well.


It all depends on the situation (I haven't had the time or desire to look at this). However, 99% of all cases where the person is still able to fight after being stunned is a person on drugs. Heck, probably 95% of the time or even 99% of the time those that fight with cops deserve what they get. It's the 1% that don't deserve it and it's made worse by people who support anything and everything that occurred (even with the evidence).


YOU GOTTA LOVE IT!!! Dumb twit calls 911 and says she wants the POS out. POS assaults and fights officers. Dumb twit then says to leave him alone?LMAO If it wasnt so would be sad. Im sure this isnt the first time those kids have seen scum on parade. Now they will just continue the cycle.


You have no clue what your talking about so quick to judge someone


Sure I do :) The news told me so. Media knows everything doncha know?

Agustus Gloop

I'm old and don't fully comprehend this computer internet medium so asking for a little help from one or two of you young, respectful anonymous posters. "Respectful," considering my age, mentality, slow processing speed and lack of computer terminology. So, here goes. Who/what is this "Robs" and "Amico?" There's something just not right with their post, spelling, punctuation of a 3rd grader. Lack of facts, geography..etc. and never spar with, or refute ideas that contradict their posts. Second question, seeing I'm not fully with it, but I can smell a rat, why are two of our more intelligent posters fighting with these entities? We got NavyJr below (please read) and ObeyLaws whining about the hate Amico ("amigo") is spewing over on the story about the police officer that prevented suicidal man from jumping off bridge. I must point out the irony and hypocrisy with ObeyLaws crying about hate when he's the anonymous poster that brought us "Brown Cancer" and "that neighborhood has a lot of people, their last names end in Z." Thanks, and remember, type slow and don't use big computer words like "Gigabyte."


If he had any color to his skin he would have been shot immediately and killed. There's a other example of privileged for ya


jag you racist pig.


There are countless black men in prison right now who resisted arrest and didn't die, or get shot.


Mr. Grant is lucky he didn't end up dead. His ex-wife needs to move and leave no forwarding address as this will probably happen again with dire results next time.


Police work at times, by necessity, is very brutal and violent. If you've never been in a physical confrontation you probably can't fully appreciate that concept and you'll likely forever have a hard time understanding officers using physical force.

Agustus Gloop

Can you share with us, some of your brutal and violent encounters? I'm all ears, you got the full measure of my attention. Love to hear the story about the time you battled the brown cancer with a fire hose.


Brutal and violent encounter with you ol lady. That one.


I got no problem with brutal and violent provided common sense is used. I didn't view this video, but I'll take your word for it that force was justified. Alas, it is not always justified (e.g., shooting a kid running away in the back).


High emotions ? Try High Disrespectful Idiots who need Killin ![beam]


the cops just love their adrenaline rush


NO they don't; every cop I've ever known has always said the call he most hates to get is a domestic because as often as not the caller will turn on him along with the aggressor while he's trying to help resolve the situation, and having been to a few myself as an EMS 1st responder, I've seen that happen, so I agree it's a bad scene to be called to.

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