PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – A Phoenix woman who was reported missing more than a week ago might have been murdered several days before police were contacted, according to public court documents for the man suspected of killing her – her husband.

Joseph Concialdi and Julie Concialdi

Phoenix police believe Joseph Concialdi killed his wife, Julie, and then reported her missing several days later.

Police arrested Joseph Concialdi, 57, on Tuesday evening after finding blood belonging to Julie Concialdi, 59, in the couple’s Phoenix home. Court documents described “evidence of a significant sanitized crime scene” at the couple’s house.

Husband arrested in disappearance of Julie Concialdi; police now call it homicide

The investigation started when Concialdi reported Julie missing on Sunday, Sept. 6, telling police the last time he saw her was when the two argued over vacation plans on Friday, Sept. 4.

Concialdi told investigators that “the argument was so heated that he felt the need to remove himself from the home …,” according to the probable cause for arrest statement. He told police he went for a walk, and then returned home, picked up some clothes, went to a Fry’s food store, and went camping by himself in Payson.

Police believe Julie was already dead by that time after discovering that her last contact with somebody other than her husband was a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, Sept. 2. According to court documents, that day marks “a distinct break in [her] life pattern ….”

Investigators point to several indications that lead them to believe Julie is dead.

• Nobody has had contact with her since Sept. 2.

• Calls and texts from her adult children have gone unanswered, “which is described as uncharacteristic.”

• She did not show up for work and did not call after her scheduled vacation ended on Sept. 7. She “was described as a very conscientious and reliable employee” and had been with her company for more than 20 years.

• She missed scheduled appointments.

• She left behind her cell phone, tablet, computer, wallet, ID, passport, credit cards, medications, clothing, belongings, and personal heirlooms.

• She has substantial money in the bank that has not been touched.

Joseph Concialdi initial court appearance

Joseph Concialdi made his initial court appearance the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 16. A cash-only appearance bond of $2 million was set.

On the night of Sept. 4, the last time, Concialdi said he saw Julie, her car was found torched a few miles from their home. Police say surveillance video shows a man walking away from the scene. Investigators compared that video with video from the Fry’s Concialdi went to that night. “[The] clothing on Joseph appears to be the same as the clothing on the male walking …,” police said in public court documents.

Blood determined to be Julie’s was found in the Concialdi’s home when police served a search warrant there two days after she was reported missing, according to court documents. Police say the blood, which had been cleaned up, was in the hallway, laundry room, and in the garage where Julie usually parked her car. “The amount of blood evidence located suggested a significant injury,” reads the probable cause for arrest statement.

Investigators later learned that Concialdi was not in Payson by himself as he first told them. They say he with a woman with whom he had been having an affair since March. The two met on a dating app on which he "portrayed himself as almost divorced." According to court documents, Julie had suspected that her husband was cheating. The Concialdis had been married since 1990, according to court documents, but had their share of problems.

“Witness statements and Joseph’s own admission paint the marriage as a tumultuous one, with prior separations and talk of divorce,” according to court documents. “Joseph had made a statement to his son … that a divorce would be financially damaging to him.”

Although police have not found Julie’s body, they arrested Concialdi on suspicion of first-degree murder, which requires premeditation and intention.

A judge set a cash-only appearance bond or $2 million for Concialdi and mandated electronic monitoring if he posts it.

Timeline of Concialdi investigation

Wednesday, Sept. 2

Julie had a doctor's appointment. Police say it's the last known time that she had contact with somebody other than her husband. Nobody has seen or heard from her since.

Friday, Sept. 4

Julie's car is found torched about 15 minutes from the Phoenix home she shared with her husband. Surveillance video shows a man walking away from the area.

Joseph Concialdi later told it was police that he and Julie had an argument that night and that it was the last time he saw her. He also said he went camping alone in Payson after the fight.

Weekend of Sept. 5

While Joseph said he was by himself in Payson, police learned he was with a woman with whom he had been having an affair. The two met on a dating app on which he "portrayed himself as almost divorced," investigators said.

Sunday, Sept. 6

Joseph reports Julie missing. 

Julie misses a scheduled nail appointment. "She has never done this before," according to court documents. She has since missed other scheduled appointments, including a medical one.

Monday, Sept. 7

This was the last day of Julie's scheduled vacation, according to police.

Tuesday, Sept. 8

Julie did not report for work and did not call her employer, although police say she "was described as a very conscientious and reliable employee ...."

Police serve a search warrant at the Concialdi home and find what is described in court documents as "evidence of a significant sanitized crime scene," including blood that had been cleaned up. That blood was later determined to be Julie's.

Tuesday, Sept. 15

Police arrest Joseph on suspicion of first-degree murder.

Wednesday, Sept. 16

Joseph makes his initial court appearance via remote hearing. A judge sets a cash-only bail of $2 million and orders electronic monitoring if he is released.


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