Do you use your thumb or face to sign into your smartphone?

Chances are you might.

It appears using your body to access sensitive information online will become the norm for all of us pretty soon.


Those thumbprints and facial scans are called biometrics.

You’ve probably noticed a lot of companies jumping on board with this.

Everything from your bank, insurance company, to even the common app are offering a biometric option instead of an old-fashioned password to gain access.

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CBS 5 tracked down a company called KPMG to talk about the future of logging in, how safe it is, and what we can expect moving forward.

Jim Willhelm tells us biometrics are here to stay and will become even more prevalent than they are right now, in mere months.

With these changes approaching rapidly, he says consumers are going to have to trust a lot more.

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"There are privacy concerns with any of this, whether its some representation of your face or any of your other biometric features, I think we need to ensure that the institutions that we're trusting that information with, have really strong controls around privacy and how they hold that," said Willhelm.

In a nutshell, passwords represent an old and outdated system of authentication, especially when you’re talking about biometrics being something that only you have access to, not something you have to remember or worry about someone cracking.

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Not only is biometrics the most secure form of authentication, there is no way anyone but you can access your personal information.

Willhelm says, for now, many companies will still use passwords, along with biometrics in many cases, slowly moving toward biometrics as the main way to log in.

He says passwords may still be used in some capacity, and if they are, would be used as a lower level form of authentication.

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