HAVASUPAI, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Beyonce shut down the famous Havasu Falls in Havasupai to shoot a music video Wednesday. 

[VIDEO: Man talks about encounter with Beyonce at Havasu Falls]

The area on the Havasupai Indian Reservation is very remote and only about 300 permits are given to visitors every year. 

But Queen Bey didn't need a reservation to show up in a helicopter and shoot her latest video. 

[VIDEO: Beyonce shuts down Havasupai to shoot music video]

Scott Bailey got cell phone video of the star boarding a helicopter to leave the canyon after she was done shooting. 


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Ben G

She is awesome. But you are burying the headline . Saw a guy north rim taking photos of Native American art. He introduced himself and said he was a writer... turned out to be Charles Segars , the creator of National Treasure Movies ... clues in Grand Canyon for NT3!!!


Jealousy is a sad thing to see. A beautiful, talented, successful person appears somewhere and the jealousy starts big time, especially among the racist set. Pathetic, you will never have the looks, intelligence, talent and money of Beyonce.


I agree....with the money part, the others-not so much.

Try again!

Ha! Not near as sad & pathetic as ignorance Bruce. Who in their right mind, would be jealous of a satanic mind-controlled by the baphomet, puppet? This broad doesnt even think for herself, & she surely doesn't respect this sacred place. Her appearance at Havasupi is going to do NO good for the land. Now every stupid, dissrespectful, mindless, sheeple IDIOT on this earth is going to show up there simply because "beyonce stood right here". Like she's some kind of goddess or something! More like the blood of babies- drinking demon!!! That's why people are pissed, not for any of the retarded reasons you stated. And beauty & talent are subjective. It goes without saying the land would of been much better off without her appearance.


Poor Havasupai falls... What did they ever do to deserve that kind of punishment??? Even worst if kunta Kanye was there


Must be hella nice.


"only about 300 permits are given to visitors every year" Uh, that's not even close to being correct. On any given day in the summer there are more than 300 people there at a time.


Great, now they have to drain that thing and start all over. F***ing celebrity trash.






This site says no racist, vulgar, remarks, clearly they lied.

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