Best apps, sites to sell your stuff online

There are plenty of websites and apps you can use to sell your stuff. (Source: Offer Up, Craigslist, Facebook)

Garage sales are a great way to get rid of old stuff and make some money but now there are tons of apps and sites that make it easy to do some spring cleaning for cash.

Let’s start with "Craigslist." This website has been around for more than two decades and has about 60 million users.

I like it because you do not need a smartphone to post ads and the design is very simple.


Craigslist is well-known so maybe your chances of selling are better? I would think that would be a pro.

One major con is there are a lot of scams on Craigslist so you need to be very careful. Never wire money or agree to do a deal that seems sketchy and not straightforward.

Next on this list is "Offer Up" or "LetGo." I lumped them together because they are very similar.

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These are both apps for your smartphone which are very similar to Craigslist.

It takes seconds to learn the interface but both are relatively easy to use. I prefer the layout of OfferUp.

Both apps boast at least 30 million users and that number is growing.

I like these because there are extra safeguards to help verify identity, like linking to a Facebook account. They also have far fewer scammers compared to Craigslist.

I recommend turning on your notifications with these apps though, otherwise, you might miss out on a bidder.

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Lastly is "Facebook Market Place." You can find this in the app or on their website.

Facebook says 800 million people use the Facebook Market Place, making it the biggest online garage sale out there.

Some of the most popular items on there are cars, electronics and furniture.

I like that it is tied to a Facebook account, maybe giving you peace of mind knowing who you are talking to

I have found, though, some people do not respond right away on there. Maybe I just had bad luck but I feel like people are active on the other ones more.

With any of these apps or websites, safety should be your first priority.

Below are some tips from AARP when it comes to selling or buying things online. In your posting, limit personal information. To communicate with buyers, use the email service offered by the website to mask your identity, instead of your personal email. Make sure the photo you use doesn’t contain personal details about you, such as what you own or where you live. Selling the flowerpot in your living room? The pot should be the only thing in the photo, and not your living room showing your slick flat-screen TV in the background. Never interact with a buyer who claims to be from another area — scammers often say they’re out-of-towners and therefore can’t meet you in person. Scammers also often hide behind the anonymity of email-only communication. So ask the buyer for a phone number, and then call to make sure it’s valid. Never meet your buyer alone. Have a family member or friend with you. Strength in numbers! If the item is transportable, meet your buyer in a safe, mutually agreed-upon public place. If it’s a valuable piece of say, jewelry, conduct the transaction at your bank (ideally a branch you don’t normally frequent) or in front of a police department. If you must meet the buyer at your home, don’t invite the person inside. Have the item waiting in your garage or on the front lawn. Accept only cash. Any other form of payment, such as personal or cashier’s check, could be fraudulent.Click/tap here to download the free azfamily mobile app.

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