GOODYEAR, AZ (3TV/CBS 5)-- A baby girl was taken to a hospital after it was left in a hot car outside a Target parking lot in Goodyear Sunday afternoon.

The incident occurred near the area of Cotton Lane and Yuma Road.

[VIDEO: Baby doing OK after being left in car on a hot Father's Day in Goodyear]

Goodyear Police said it was the child's aunt who called 911 after the 5-month-old baby was left in a vehicle.

According to court documents released Monday, the child was left inside the vehicle for 50 minutes. Police added the car was not running at the time. 

[WATCH: Mother who left baby in hot car in Goodyear makes first court appearance]

Police say the baby appeared to be "sweating and had redness in her face."

The baby was transported to Phoenix Children's Hospital in stable condition.

Officers spoke to the child's aunt and mother, later identified as 37-year-old Stacey Holly about the incident. 

Court records said Holly blamed it on being distracted. Records said Holly confessed, telling police she should be arrested and agreeing it could have been a death investigation. The report said the baby had minor symptoms of dehydration and an elevated heart rate.

Police said the mom was remorseful and perplexed by what she did.

Eyewitnesses said Holly was sobbing.

"She was with another lady," said eyewitness Michael Todd.  "They were hugging a few times, obviously concerned and distraught, pretty emotional. I don't really know what was going on, but someone went off in the back of a police car, and a child went off in an ambulance."

Holly was later arrested and booked for the incident. Thankfully, it sounds like the child will be okay.

"The child didn't look like it was in very much distress at all," said Todd.  "They loaded up, and then the ambulance waited for all the police to clear out all their vehicles, so the ambulance could continue down the road. The ambulance left with no lights, no sirens, and the child looked pretty normal."

A judge released Holly from jail Monday morning.

[WATCH: Stacey Holly's initial court appearance]

"Your heart goes out to the family," said Todd.  "There's a father out there whose Father's Day has been kind of changed today and obviously a mom whose day has been changed."


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(49) comments


These kids wouldn't be being forgotten in cars if parents were still allowed to have children and car seats before n the front seat with them. Out of sight of of me and. We don't forget what's sitting right next to us. I bet if their cell for were in the back seat the cell phone, at times, would be forgotten and left in the car too.


Well, I'm starting to hate my keyboard. I need to buy a new keyboard that follows the commands from the keys I press instead of doing whatever the h3ll it's currently doing.


Ditzy women. What're ya gonna do...


Can I adopt the kid and leave the mom in the car?


The white menace at it again and again!


Di I got your di l do what happened ditto just woke up .


do you talk much english??


Truly I don't understand how a child can be forgotten in a car! There should be a system in cars that notify or alert: "Dont forget your child" after shutting car off. Great idea! :))


No, not a great idea! How about just some personal responsibility. All this technology nowadays is what got us to the place that we are at today where lack of any personal responsibility and laziness is accepted as the norm. People aren't even responsible enough to check their own tire pressure on vehicles nowadays without the little light on the dashboard telling you to do so. Pathetic, just pathetic!


Looks like she has a couple of kids according to her facebook...they both should be taken away!!


Commenter is someone who expresses an opinion or engages oneself in discussion related to any issue, he is the one who respond to an article or blog post. It is the commenter who makes isolated remark and an isolated remark is nothing but a “comment”. A person who writes comments (here, I believe we're talking about periodicals) is usually referred to as a ' columnist'. A commenter is someone who makes isolated comments. These days, the word most often refers to people who post comments on blogs and news websites. A commentator is someone who provides commentary. The term usually applies to professionals in sports broadcasting or television news. Commentators don’t just make one comment; commenting is what they do. The difference between these words corresponds to the difference between a comment and commentary. A comment is an isolated remark, while a commentary is a series of remarks, explanations, and interpretations [yawn]

Rico Rush

did not know Wikiepedia gave a cr/\|D

Rico Rush

I have broken three car windows now since the law in AZ allows us too in the event of a child or pet are left in a hot car. It is quite thrilling to bash out a car window. I quite enjoy it since there are no repercussions to me. Trust me when I say this, go out in the middle of the hot summer days and prowl around the hot parking lots and when you see a child or pet left in a car parking lot (usually a Wal Mart or Food City). Bash out that window. It feels great!


Most of the people who "forget their kids" or deliberately leave their kids in the car in hot weather think that they are "special", won't get caught, or just think that it can't happen to their kid - until it does. It's a symptom of today's entitled population. It's a shame that the little ones have to be the victims.


Most of the time its an accident. One time I left my son in a car in the spring for about ten minutes when I was dropping of another child. I thought I was going to walk up to the door, drop of my other son, and then leave. I'm a forgetful person by nature and I was dealing with tremendous amounts of stress at the time. I ended up going inside and staying for 10 minutes. I didn't realize I had forgotten my son until I came back out the vehicle to leave and saw him strapped into the car seat. I felt terrible and I still feel really bad whenever it pops into my head... Ever since then I've had a little more sympathy for people who make these mistakes. The human brain is strange. Its not wired for modernity so stuff like this happens... I still think people should be punished for it so the truly evil people don't think they can use it as a way to kill their kids.


The innocent baby is probably back in the same situation today, and the abuse goes on & on.


Just pathetic. How can you forget your child in the car. Bet the stupid a$$s didn't forget the iPhone though

JF Conlon

NEVER forget that phone! Kids, dogs okay . . . but not the phone.


I bet this "mother" remembered to bring in her cell phone!


solution ? mandatory life detector in all cars [thumbup]


The car didn't have the baby, That's the problem now days, nobody is held responsible for their stupid actions. Stupid people need to wake up. If your going to make babies then d--n well take care of them, instead of all the things that will cost the rest of us more. People stop making excuses for stupid people, Mom was sobbing. well of course she got caught being stupid!


Why should I have to pay 3k extra per car because someone can't remember their baby? Di is right


The same reason I can't have a beer after work on Friday and then drive home or make a call on my cellphone while driving, something I've been doing since cellular has been around, without the risk of getting pulled over. We all suffer because of the actions of the very few!


Totally different. Responsible behavior: watch your kids. Irresponsible behavior: drive after a few drinks, look down and dial someone while driving. Again, why is my responsible behavior penalized by irresponsible. You will have to do better not perfect


@JustinP Give me an F'n break! Who are you to distinguish someone's level of responsibility? You people and your consent craving for a utopian society make me sick!


It's known that people that drink a couple of drinks are less responsive behind the wheel. It's known that leaving your baby in the car in the heat is silly. You ask who am I to distinguish it? If it's known by sensible people, then that's enough. Again, why should I have to pay thousands extra because I choose to watch my offspring (now adults)? Your attacking me hasn't won the argument. You lost the argument since you can't debate the evidence.


@JustinP I lost the argument, really? It must be great going through life knowing you can't think for yourself or trust yourself to make the right choice! Let someone else make my decision for me and I'll be just fine, pathetic!


You weren't even arguing, you throwing names around. My point is exactly what your last sentence is. Why should I let someone make the choice for me (force me to pay thousands for something I don't need)? Why? I can think for myself and take responsibility. And that means if I am 'wrong', I have to take responsibility. In this case, as someone else said - 2nd degree attempted murder. Stop forcing the government to fix 'everyone'. They should be there to only deal with people who can't handle things and break other people's rights.


People have become pr-occupied and do not have a clue as to what is happening around them. Legislation should be passed when a parent leaves a child unattended in an auto and the child dies, or is permanently injured if the child lives, they should be taken away from the parent, and the parent serve some serious prison time. After serving prison, they should be classified as a child abuser just like someone that is charged as a child sex offender.


Not going to make a difference, as they think it can't happen to them or else they will hire a lawyer who will get the charges pleaded down (much like they do with DUI).


there already is legislation. cops and judicial system aren't enforcing it. negligence to kid is ILLEGAL. no new laws needed to state that.


Thoughts and prayers for this family who just ran into Target quickly and like millions of others, got held up in atrocious lines delays that no one could see coming.


"... ran into Target quickly and like millions of others, got held up in atrocious lines delays that no one could see coming." I know you are only making a joke, but there are plenty of people who will take you seriously and think someone else was responsible for failing their child. Your comment is hilarious, but remember we're dealing with idiots here who actually think that way.


Actually his comment ended up being more truth than fiction...........


Praying that you don't have children/pets!


OMG you sure don't help! We need less of you.


Naaaaatch looove

Wayne kenoff

The mother should have a mandatory hysterectomy and/or the father a vasectomy. This is ridiculous! I bet 100% they didn’t forget their phone!


Shuuuut up loser, you'd probably give the kid drugs or sell him in Mexico for who knows what horrid purposes.

Wayne kenoff

Daddy- don't you have some cats to fondle? Foh pink-skin


Waynkoff - How many kids did you give drugs to today p*ssy boy, and then tried to get them to come over to your studio to watch 'cartoons'? Too many. Leave the kids alone bi*ch.


When I was drugged in Saghi gettin out of bad area Still qould not have forgotten a baby in a car [scared]


That's my point!


How many kids does this make,being left out in hot cars now??? How many times has it been said not to leave kids out in car's??? How many kid's have died from being left in a hot car?? Because it has been said countless times kid's can die being left in hot car's, Can somebody give me a count on these fact's????? I seriously doubt it because it happens almost daily now. How many kid's have to die at the hands of their own parents before we put a stop to this???? It must be in the millions because thousands of kid's have died this way. I hear it said at least once if not twice a day "Don't leave kid's in hot car's" they don't say in the summer time, they say don't leave them in the car. Do we not live in Arizona ?? Is it not hot,10 months out of the year here?? What are these people thinking??? I'll tell you they don't give a da-n about their kid's or they would not do it. It's nothing short of murder, I don't care what their excuse is, there is no excuse for it! None not a one! Sure they might be distraught or whatever but they don't care is why they do it. That is pitiful! So since they don't care why do they have them?? Because they are murderers an don't care if they kill their own kid or any kid for that matter cause they left them out in a car, In my eyes I see them as scums of the earth an we have enough of those walking amongst us If we got rid of them this world would be a much better place The justice system does nothing for these kid's, We as citizens try to save them, but can't do it all. So for any kid out there it's a game of chance as to weather or not your parent's will leave you in a car here in Arizona. I pray for you all, Parent's if your children have died from being left in a car in Arizona, well I hope you die a death as painful!!


Shut up. No one should be told not to leave a kid in a car.


Bite me, you should of been left then!


so u like to kill baby am im sure a whole lot more. male me shut up if u think u can monkey boy!


HOW does anyone forget a 5 month old baby anywhere? Not just in a car, anywhere! Drugs or alcohol or young and dumb is all I can conclude. I take better care of my dogs!



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