PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Using short-term rental properties is a way to see the world. That's why services like Airbnb have exploded in popularity.

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However, as Arizona's Family has found, some people say they're now losing control of their neighborhoods due to these short-term rental properties. Arizona's Family Chief Investigator Morgan Loew did a special report on this issue.

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In some neighborhoods, you can see pictures and videos of these so-called party houses -- people playing beer pong in the driveway and cutting through yards.

If you're looking to buy a home and want to avoid these areas, experts say it all comes down to doing some research and finding out if there are rules set by a homeowners association.

Is a short-term rental building a selling point, or does it drive potential buyers away? Arizona's Family sat down with Valley real estate agent Asher Cohen who says that all depends on who you ask and what you want.

From his perspective, there are pros and cons to short-term rentals in the market. "Because of all of the people relocating to Arizona, it’s giving them an opportunity to actually experience living in a home, in a community to see if it’s the right fit for them," Cohen said. "Which is kind of a cool concept because that was never really an option years ago."

Because of a law signed by Gov. Doug Ducey in 2016, cities and counties can't outlaw or regulate these short-term rentals. However, HOAs can set their own rules.

Cohen says the best thing you can do is ask questions and do your research.n"I think the biggest thing is when a buyer is buying something, they should be going through the channels that regulate," Cohen said. "So, again, calling that HOA, not relying on the real estate agent to say, 'You are or you're not allowed to do the short-term rental.'"

Arizona's Family also reached out to Sam Miller, the 2020 president of Phoenix Realtors. Whether or not short-term rentals are a good or bad thing for the market, he says they don’t take a stance. The group does support the rights of property owners.

If you're buying a property, Miller says you can even ask for the minutes of HOA meetings to see if it’s something that’s been on the table. Due diligence is really important, he said. 

Also, something to keep in mind, Miller says rules can be very dynamic in every neighborhood, and there’s no guarantee that they won't change in the future.

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