PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - For the first time ever, state representatives said a transgender rights bill is making major headway among state lawmakers.

A total of 15 state lawmakers have sponsored House Bill 2290.

The bill pertains to a transgender person's death certificate.

As it stands right now, when they die, their gender identity isn't listed on their death certificate. Instead, it's the gender that was given to them at birth.

The only way to change it is if loved ones get a letter from a doctor, confirming the person had a sex change.

According to transgender activists, even if a person has openly lived their entire life as the opposite sex, their lasting identity hinges on notification from their doctor.

Under House Bill 2290, however, all that would change.

Should it pass, loved ones would only need to provide basic documentation like a driver's license or a name change order to get gender switched on a death certificate.

Lawmakers have hailed the bill as part of a human right’s issue.

"I want to see Arizonans get the dignity and the respect that they deserve ... in life as well in death," said Rep. Rosanna Gabaldon (D-Ariz.), the bill’s main sponsor.

As for what happens to a transgender person's birth certificate, Rep. Gabaldon said those issues are still being worked out.


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