PHOENIX -- Yavapai Silent Witness is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone with information about a double homicide that occurred in 2003.

The bodies of Brandon Rumbaugh, 20, and Lisa Gurrieri, 19, both of Scottsdale, were found shot to death lying in the bed of their pick-up truck in October 2003.

The couple left Scottsdale in Gurrieri’s mother’s 2000 white Ford F-150 pick-up on Oct. 17, 2003 to drive north for an overnight camping trip to celebrate their one-year anniversary.

When Rumbaugh and Gurrieri did not return home the next morning, family and friends immediately began to search for the couple.

Their bodies were found Sunday Oct. 19, 2003. Both individuals were shot five times.

According to Silent Witness Sergeant Darren Burch, the couple was sleeping in the back of the truck in the Bumble Bee area in Yavapai County.

“At that time it looks like Brandon was shot first, it looked like he was sleeping,” said Sgt. Burch.

Burch said Gurrieri, “might have awakened but did not really move to a great deal from the area of that bed of that pickup truck when she was shot.

The area where the couple was found is described as a secluded dirt parking lot off the Bumble Bee exit of Interstate 17.

Detective Mike Sechez of the Yavapai County Attorney’s Office said, “On one hand it’s pretty isolated out in the desert area but on the other hand the road is used by a lot of people.”

There were items that were taken from the scene but Sgt. Burch said some items were left behind.

Burch said they did not have any leads in the case then and investigators are unsure what the motive was or if the couple was targeted.

“We really have no more information and we’re just hoping that this $10,000 cash reward will prompt somebody to do the right thing because somebody out there knows something,” said Burch. “They always do.”

According to Detective Mike Sechez, investigators are hoping that ballistics from the crime scene as well as information from the public will help them solve the case.

Bullet casings were recovered from the scene and submitted for testing but Sechez said, “We have not had any successful matches so we’re just looking for any leads whatsoever that may help us solve this tragic murder.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Yavapai Silent Witness at 1-800-932-3232.


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