PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- The athletics director at Arizona Lutheran Academy in Phoenix has been placed on leave after an alleged slapping incident involving a student.

Law enforcement and the Department of Child Safety are now looking into the 2017 incident.

Students at Arizona Lutheran say the school's football team was up in Flagstaff in late summer of 2017 at a football camp. They say teammates were horsing around in the locker room, playing a back-slapping game that left red welts on their skin.

When athletics director David Peter entered the locker room, students say he chose to participate in the game when invited by one of the players. Video shows one of the students slapping Peter’s bare back.

After the slap, students say Peter told everyone to turn off their phones. That’s when he allegedly hit the student back.

[WATCH: 'I was completely shocked' mom says of Phoenix high school 'slapping' incident]

A mother with two students at the school says she just found out about the incident a few months ago. We’re withholding her name to protect her family’s privacy.

She says she’s disappointed at the behavior of a man she says was supposed to be a role model for her two sons.

“I am blown away and I am shocked,” she said. “I hate that’s the direction that my boys were given.”

The mom's two sons were in the room at the time of the incident and said they thought it was strange that their coach and athletic director would take part.

“We became aware of these allegations on Tuesday and launched an investigation,” said Arizona Lutheran Academy Principal Kurt Rosembaum. “The administration took immediate action and placed the coach on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.”

Rosembaum added that the incident was reported to the Arizona Department of Child Safety and law enforcement in Coconino County, where the incident took place.


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(5) comments


Dave Peter is a great football coach and role model, I would've been honored to be five starred by him. This mom is just wanting some attention


Funny that the whole school is upset about what has been done to this teacher. The news story makes him look so evil but some of the boys there said these two boys were doing a lot of the slapping. This is how football players mess around. No one was bothered by it, but them. If 3 tv asked a few more people and got the whole story then they would realize they're blowing this out of proportion and ruining his life for some clicks. A truly botched job by 3 tv.


Seriously!?! It was a game and they started it. No one complained until now (probably some kid who got benched from a game).


Totally agree- -total tempest-in-a-teapot.


Just a good old boy. [innocent]

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