The suspects were identified as Bisono Ely, 28, and Savanna Wesley, 25. (Source: MCSO)

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5)-- Two people have been arrested after they posed as Phoenix utility workers and tried to rob an elderly couple at their home Thursday, police said.

The Phoenix Police Department responded to a suspicious person call at a home near 38th Street and Camelback Road. 

The suspects have been identified as Bisono Ely, 28, and Savanna Wesley, 25.

The two victims, a 76-year-old woman and a 82-year-old man, told officers that they saw Ely wearing a construction style safety vest.

That's when Ely knocked on their front door and told the victims he was an employee of the City of Phoenix's water department and needed to check the water in the house.

According to police, the victims allowed Ely inside and watched as the suspect turned on the kitchen faucet and filled a cup with water.

"He actually spit in the cup, gave it to the homeowner and said, 'See?  You have bubbles in your water. This needs to be repaired,'" said Armando Carbajal with Phoenix Police Department.

Police say Ely had a young child with him. One of the victims then noticed the child was walking around the house picking up items including jewelry.

Victims then saw Wesley walked into the house with another child.

Police say that the elderly couple felt uncomfortable and told both suspects to leave their home.

One of the victims was able to take photos of the suspects and their vehicle. 

On Friday, Phoenix police found the vehicle near the area of 35th Avenue and Greenway Road. 

Officers then conducted a traffic stop and arrested the suspects.

The suspects were both booked into jail on multiple counts of criminal impersonation, burglary, false information to law enforcement and child abuse.

In response to the attempted burglary, The City of Phoenix's Water Department released the following statement Sunday:

The Phoenix Water Department reminds all community members that City of Phoenix Water Department employees will not ask to enter your residence unless prior communication has been established. All Phoenix Water Department employees will be in uniform displaying the City of Phoenix bird on the patches, as well as an identification badge with the employee’s picture. If there are any concerns regarding City of Phoenix Water Department operations, community members may call the City of Phoenix Water Department at 602-262-6251.

A neighbor who lives in the area said she's concerned after the incident. 

"I‘m thinking about getting a pit bull and a gun, but my biggest security is God," said Deborah Johnson.

She said the incident scared her so much she asked her son-in-law to stay with her for a few days.

"Of course it worries me," said Johnson. "This kind of is like the straw that broke the camel’s back."

If anybody has information related to the incident, you are urged to contact Phoenix police or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS. 


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Tweeters no doubt, probably from Bruce’s family.


Just how gullible are people to allow a duo like this (with children in tow no less!) to scam them as utility workers?? Unbelievable! The old saying is true - "there's a victim born every minute."


she looks closer to 45 than 25


Tweekers are disgusting

TRUMP supporter

Oh come on I need more meth. Drugs, the destruction of this country, along with illegals.


Spoken like a true ignorant Trumpster. I'll take hard workig illegals any day over these white druggies, probably Trump supporters.

JF Conlon

You think those people vote? Really?!


TRUMP: I think you've had enough. Get some sleep. Hope you feel better.


Yes, I would definitely let a "worker" into my house with a child. Nothing suspicious there ...

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