PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Phoenix police made an arrest days after finding a 67-year-old woman dead in her apartment. 

Anna Collum, 54, was arrested in Tucson and is currently in jail in Pima County. She will be transported back to Phoenix. 

Police believe she killed Priscilla Lefevre on Dec. 5 at an apartment building near Black Canyon Highway and Jomax Road

"I leave her one hour and she's smiling setting Christmas up and I come back and she's dead. I'm having real trouble dealing with that," said Jerry Lefevre, Priscilla's husband of 47 years. 

Jerry said his wife knew Collum and tried to help her in the past, but the three haven't spoken in months. 

"Priscilla would say something and she'd get real out of sorts, she'd bang on the couch and say, 'no I have authority to do this, I can do this,'" Jerry explained. 

Jerry said Collum showed up at their door hours before the murder, but Priscilla wasn't home because she was substitute teaching. Assuming she needed help, he told Collum that Priscilla would be home at 3:30 p.m. 

"I'm assuming she let the person in, she was on her way to the couch so she could sit down and talk to this person and the person just opened fire on her because she'd fallen right on the way to getting to the couch," Jerry recalled. 

Jerry said there was no sign of forced entry. When he got home from a doctor's appointment, he found his wife lying in a pool of blood and called 911. 

"I couldn't feel any pulse, I didn't see any breathing. They said, 'well can you give her CPR?' And I tried to do mouth to mouth and all I was doing was blowing blood. I'm pretty sure she was gone by the time I got home," Jerry said. 

Jerry said his wife's life mission was to help others. Priscilla opened five churches in Uganda and a Christian academy in Arizona, and started a nonprofit called Light the Globe.

"She did Christian counseling, she just worked with people one-on-one to help people get through problems," Jerry said proudly of his wife. "I can't understand why it happened because if anybody was doing good, it was her. She was helping people, everybody loved her and she was just doing what she could to make things better." 

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with medical and funeral expenses. 


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JF Conlon

If every word of this news article was true, I'd say this is the first fundme that I'd donate to. If I had any spare cash.

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