Copper Canyon HS lockdown

Copper Canyon High School was put on lockdown on Thursday.

GLENDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — A high school in Glendale was put on lockdown after a man with a gun was discovered on campus on Thursday afternoon. Glendale Police Sgt. Randy Stewart said the man went into a classroom at Copper Canyon High School but wasn't wearing a badge that all students have to wear. A teacher asked him for ID. The man got into a verbal fight with the teacher and a student, so security was called and removed the suspect from the classroom.

He was put in an administrative office and a student resource office did a patdown on him. That's when the officer found brass knuckles in the man's pocket and a gun in the backpack, Stewart said. It's unclear if the gun was loaded.

"As soon as the officer located the gun in the backpack, he went to arrest the person, to put handcuffs on him, the person did start to resist and started fighting with the officer and a couple of the administrators at the school," Stewart said. 

Since the police didn't know if the suspect was alone or not, officers and school staff went through every room to make sure everyone was safe. No one was hurt. The suspect has not been identified. An investigation is underway.

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