PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Did you get a Silver Alert message on your phone late Tuesday night? A new law has now empowered government agencies to send Silver Alerts right to your phone using the emergency alert system. 

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the law was actually added in the last legislative session, but their system was not set up at the time to issue emergency Silver Alerts.

Now that the system is in place, all Silver Alerts will be sent to wireless devices as an emergency alert. 

A Silver Alert is sent when a person who is 65 years of age or older or who has a developmental disability, Alzheimer's disease or dementia goes missing.

Law enforcement may issue the emergency alert if one or all of these conditions met: 

-After they have used all available resources to find the missing person

-The missing person is 65 years of age or older, has a developmental disability, Alzheimer's disease or dementia

-The person has gone missing under unexplained or suspicious circumstances

-The missing person is in danger due to health, mental status or weather conditions

Law enforcement hopes the emergency alert system will help create a quick response to locate the missing person.


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(10) comments


When I have to be up at 4am, an alert at 10:30pm is bull$#(@. I almost threw my phone I was so pissed.


So let me get this straight, the day after you pass a useless 'restricted cell phone use in your vehicle' law, you want me to actually check my phone when it beeps for a Silver or Amber Alert? Yeah, negative Ghost Rider!


Yup. Got that alert last night. Scared the cr@ p out of me! Did they ever find Gramps in the Dart?


Oh man!!
I thought that was a misdirected text between sales people at a car dealership?!??
If you drove a Dodge Dart into a car lot what would you expect?? The sales people would be pushing and shoving to get out the door. [pirate]

Big Rich

Yeah....I disabled that feature on my phone. I don't want any "alerts".


Ditto! I have enough distractions going on in my vehicle when I'm driving, the last thing I need is to take my 'don't give a d@mn' eyes off the road looking for someone else's problem of not being able to watch their own (whether it's their kids or old folk)!


Can we opt out?


Should be able to as you can with Amber or Sever Weather Alerts. The only one you can not opt out of is the 'Presidential Alert'.

JF Conlon

Then it's a good thing he's not often alert!



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