PHOENIX (3TV/ CBS 5)-- Arizona has its first confirmed case of measles in 2019, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Pima County Public Health Department.

The agencies announced Friday that a 1-year-old Pima County child, who recently traveled to Asia, has been diagnosed with measles.

The county and state health agencies are working to learn whether there was any community exposure to the disease.

"We are working with our health care and public health partners to make sure we quickly identify any possible exposures to the community that may have occurred," said Marcy Flanagan, director of the Pima County Health Department, in a press release. "As more and more cities and counties across the United States experience cases of vaccine-preventable diseases like measles, we are working hard to prevent that from happening in Pima County."

Maricopa County health experts told Arizona’s Family in January that the number of Arizona parents not immunizing their children is on the rise, and it's putting our community at risk.

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Measles spreads through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. 

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(10) comments


[censored] Thanks a million to the "brilliant" parents who took a 1 YO (obviously) unvaccinated child to an area known for contagious diseases and started this.


why would anyone take a one year old to one of the most disease ridden countries in the world...not to mention the pollution and filth. Stupid parents.


Having visited several Asian countries and comparing them to Phoenix, I think you would be surprised at the lack of pollution and filth in several of them (as compared to Phx). That, plus, what difference does it make if you travel overseas AND you have immunized (against the old child diseases, the newer ones are questionable).


This is irresponsible reporting with a bad segue. A) Child had traveled to asian country (different strains, anyone?), B) The earliest age a child should be vaccinated for measles is 12 to 15 months. How old is the child? How long were they over there? Many questions... yet immediately they jump to the anti-vaxxer mantra. ANd to be clear, I am not anti-vaxxer, my kids have had the normal range of vaccinations + more for traveling to other countries, but this constant harping about it, along with global warming, and several other whinging tales of woe-are-we just irritate the heck out of me.


too bad snowflake


wow, you sure showed him! [alien]


Prior to vaccinations in the US, 3-4 million a year would get it for 400-500 deaths or a 1 in 8000 chance (pretty low considering 42 out of every 1000 women get cancer)


Good job morons. You think a man is a woman, if he wants to be, you think putting racist anti-semites in DC is a good idea, and now you uneducated fools think that not getting vaccines is good for children. I will NOT feel sorry for you when your kids die. I will point right in your face and say this is YOUR fault. Can anyone reading this tell me the ratio of people who die from vaccinations, as a percentage, compared to EVERYONE who has had vaccinations? I am willing to bet one years salary that the percentage of people who die from crashing their cars, compared to everyone who drives , is higher. Maybe don't let people get their license huh? I bet that would work. NO CHANCE of dying now, right? Morons. You reap what you sew. I say, if you don't get your kids vaccinated, you don't get medical help. Figure out on your own. Morons.


why not up the ante and bet TWO years salary?! [alien]


I'd win if we are talking about the newer vacs like Gardisal. Causes more complications in health than what it supposedly saves.

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