From National Coffee Day to National Dessert Day, it seems like there’s a day for everything.

Thursday, July 14 is no exception! It’s National Nude Day, where people across the country go “au naturel” to celebrate the human body in its natural state.

“I decided to make this my life, because I wanted to be happy and free and relaxed,” nudist Rose Gale-Kopiec said.

Gale-Kopiec lives at Shangri La Ranch, a nudist resort about 30 miles outside of Phoenix.

“It's very peaceful and quiet,” nudist Rose Gale-Kopiec said.

Shangri La Ranch in New River is a place where skinny dipping isn't a dare, it's required.

"I call it just another day in paradise,” Gale-Kopiec said.

Gale-Kopiec has lived at this nudist ranch for 12 years.

“I have no intention of going anywhere,” Gale-Kopiec said.

At Shangri La, people drive golf carts, lay out and water their plants just like most people expect they do it in the buff.

“I don't ever want to leave. I don't even want to go to town,” nudist Jim Byrer said.

Byrer, who has lived there for almost 20 years, says there are perks to living a naked lifestyle.

“When you're sitting down watching TV and somebody knocks on the door, you don't have to run and put clothes on, you just let them in,” Byrer said.

It’s a lifestyle that isn’t for everyone, but it is for Byrer and the other residents at Shangri La.

“There’s no competition about clothes and make-up and hair as you can see we're all natural here and we like it that way,” Gale-Kopiec said.

Shangri La Ranch has been around since 1959. The current owners are a family that have run the place for almost two decades.

“We do have a bit of an unconventional business, but I wouldn't have it any other way,” Cyndi Faber, whose family owns Shangri La, said.

Roughly 100 people live at the ranch full-time. In the winter, that number is close to 250. People can also visit for a night and stay in a motel room or cabin.

“We have two pools, game room, clubhouse, activities, karaoke every Friday,” Faber said.

Guest dine at the Bare Buns Café and spend their afternoons playing games like water volleyball, horseshoes and tennis.

“We offer a little bit of everything for everybody,” Faber said.

Even though Thursday is National Nude Day, the folks who live at Shangri La don’t need a holiday for the skin. For these people, everyday life is simply better naked.

“To us, it's really not that different, we do everything everybody else does just without clothes,” Faber said. Copyright 2016 KTVK (KPHO Broadcasting Corporation). All rights reserved.


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