PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Contests, where hunters compete to see who can kill the most coyotes or other predators, could soon be banned in Arizona.

The contests are put on by private companies, with participants often paying to enter. The winner often receives a cash prize or other reward.

[WATCH: State commission could make coyote killing contest illegal in Arizona]

Animal rights groups have long criticized them.

“I think the contests are, well, I think they’re pathetic and grotesque,” said Matt Francis, an animal rights activist with the organization Project Coyote. “I don’t think it’s indicative of a civilized society to be doing this.”

Hunting coyotes and other predators is in part how the state keeps these populations in check. But one Arizona Game and Fish commissioner says it may be time for the killing contests to go.

“Hunting is a very important part of managing wildlife, but there’s also an ethos related to how you pursue wildlife,” said Arizona Game and Fish Commissioner Kurt Davis.

Davis proposed a rule that would ban these predator killing contests in Arizona. He says the premise of competing for prizes and racking up as many animals as possible seems to go against the hunting ethos.

“There are things that people…from a social standpoint have difficulty with,” Davis said.

The commissioners have until the end of June to decide on the rule change.


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(26) comments


The pro contest folks SAY they don’t want to eradicate coyotes, yet they’ll take every opportunity to blow them away. They also twist the facts because IF AZ does do the right thing by banning contests, they would NOT be banning hunting coyotes. That’s where the fear mongers like to pull everyone’s chain. The only change would be to prohibit the organization and promotion of CONTESTS where cash and other prizes are awarded for killing the most, which is an inherent factor in a “contest” with sub-categories such as “biggest, smallest, heaviest” etc. Coyote hunting per se will NOT be affected. Don’t believe the crybabies who wouldn’t be able to kill coyotes for the sole purpose of winning a prize.


Arrogant humans who think WE need to control EVERYTHING - the ecosystem, the weather, human nature, human gender, etc., etc. People suck. We need a good plague. I mean, AIDs helped a little bit at first and the opioid epidemic is showing promise, but we need something to take out LARGE numbers of people - soon.


To the animal rights nuts, its a religion that they think everyone needs to believe. I just wish they had the same fervor towards stopping the killing of human babies. Once they join that fight they'll have some credibility.

JF Conlon

Animal cruelty and human abortions . . . the question of ethics surely has to be considered in both. I'm hoping you put your money where your mouth is when you choose which battles to fight. Otherwise, you are just another bag of hot air.


This reminds me of baited bear hunts, which I have done once. It's not hunting, it's slaughter. I enjoy hunting to fill my freezer, not for the sake of shooting an animal not the bragging right.


I'm all for hunting predators. 2 legged and 4 legged.


Let me point out the obvious. The animal rights activist with no formal education in wildlife management can only manage to sling insults instead of presenting any legitimate reason to opposing coyote hunting contests. I'm hoping the commissioner was misquoted but it seems rather silly to imply ethical standards are being violated when the hunters in question are following the same rules everyone else follows. If we're going to change policy we should look to science rather than the opinions of the uninformed. What history has shown is that animals suffer when wildlife is managed through legislation rather than science.

Wyoming redneck

In Colorado and other states they manage huge Elk populations by culling. Culling is where the animals are herded into closures and killed, shot, by paid shooter. Even those involved said it is sicking. Predator contests are better.


Animal rights activist really should learn to be more tolerant. They should be inclusive and accept that there are people that are different than they are. This type of hatred towards a group of people needs to stop. If your emotions can't handle that a person hunt's talk to your therapist about it. Don't try and pass laws and call them names on a comment board.


Fringe hunters are incapable of monitoring themselves. They need the rational public AND AZ wildlife officials to do it for them. Very unknowledgeable and selfish. The issue is NOT whether you could or should hunt (coyotes), its that you take hunting to another unfair, excessive and unacceptable level.


Encroachment, lost two cats and neighbor lost dog to Coyote's, in the last three months, see them strolling down Deer valley Rd like it was nothing.


See them in my neighborhood by 75th and Deer Valley..We live near a wash, I expect it and love it. It keeps the outdoor cat population under control :-)




Not so fast dummies... Florida did the same thing with alligators back in the 90's and now they have a huge out of control population of them getting hungrier each day !!!




Ask Australia what happens when a species that has no natural predators gets loose in an environment in which they have plenty of food too; in their case it was an invasive species, but the same happens when FOOLS kill off the natural predators who keep the prey species in manageable numbers.

JF Conlon

Australia is an excellent example . . . it's not nice to fool with Mother Nature. As for killing contests people can get in a cage and flail away at each other.


Stupid thing to say JF,

Agustus Gloop

Hey Daddy!!! Not "stupid," not stupid at all. I like it, no, I love it. How about you and me be the first to dance in that cage?


You are making completely unsupported claims. No surprise considering your preference of personal attacks to meaningful dialogue.


I just love to how the sheep people go around bragging about their freedom when in reality here in Arizona you need permission from the city for a lot things you do


Take a moment today to appreciate the contributions to society that White people have made; the contributions of Whites to the group's heritage and culture, as well as achievements by White people, and the central role of Whites in U.S. history.


Simple fix. If you don't like it then don't watch or read about it. Quit forcing your belief system on to others.


Halting those hunts is not about beliefs; it's about our ecosystem, and whichm when out of balance, hurts ALL of us; like it or NOT, we NEED the predators because without them, the prey becomes out of control and devours foods meant for us and other creatures in nature. NOT killing them willy nilly is SELF PRESERVATION!


Ya, I get all the ecosystem stuff. Both predator and prey need to be managed. However, to the animal rights nuts, its a religion that they think everyone needs to believe. I just wish they had the same fervor towards stopping the willy nilly killing of babies.


Your argument is completely illogical. No one wants to eradicate coyotes. Not even coyote hunters or they'd have nothing to hunt. There is not one study that indicates coyotes actually control prey species. Not one. Coyotes may consume them but coyotes do not control rodent populations. According to Orkin, the top 5 urban centers are also listed as the rattiedt in the US. Then there's the fact that coyotes prey on fox. Turns out fox are better at consuming rodents than coyotes. In places where coyotes impact fox, the abundance of Lyme carrying rodents is directly correlated to coyote abundance. The study was done by Taal Levi. Pick up a book. Start reading studies. You're simply repeating unsupported information.

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