April Warnecke's new family addition

April's new puppy, who doesn't have a name yet. (Source: April Warnecke)

I think it was just a few weeks ago that I mentioned in a blog that life was getting easier these days for our family. The kids aren't babies anymore and I don't have to change diapers (finally!). The days of temper tantrums and toddler drama are behind us. Every person in our house is finally sleeping through the night.

So why on Earth would we be silly enough to mess this all up?

Because obviously, we are not smart people. We got a puppy.

It wasn't really spontaneous. Charlie, our 5-year-old has been asking for one for about a year now. I grew up with a dog and so did my husband. I adored the dog I got in college and moved to three states with him when starting my career. My best buddy died four years ago when I was pregnant with Charlie. That dog, Merton, was so sweet to our older son and I recognized the bond they formed pretty quickly.

[PHOTOS: Check out the pictures photographer Mike Olbinski took of April, Mark, Greer and Merton]

I always envisioned our boys growing up with a dog, but as I mentioned, we JUST came up for air!

But Charlie was ramping up the begging. It was to the point where he was asking us for a dog every two hours. So we decided to go look this weekend. We went to several Valley shelters in search of a 1- or 2-year-old dog that was well-mannered and potty trained. This would be easy! This dog would slide right into our lives and the adjustment would be minimal.

And then we fell in love. Arizona Small Dog Rescue was having an adoption event at a nearby Petco store. We walked in and spotted the litter of tiny puppies with floppy ears and it was all over. While Mark and I talked it over, the boys grabbed a shopping cart and started throwing everything into it.

"I found the beds! Here's a bowl! Look, we found the leashes!"

It all happened so fast.... I'm blaming Mark for not saying no to this puppy pandemonium.


So here we are back to square one. Cleaning up puppy pee. Up all night because of incessant puppy crying. And hiding everything in sight, because he chews EVERYTHING.

I've been second-guessing this all since the moment we brought him home. Sleep deprivation isn't helping. But I've been having some phone therapy sessions from Dr. Grey Stafford and he tells me we can do this. Give it patience and time and it will pay off. I read his book about training and positive reinforcement, "Zoomility," a few years ago but need to re-read it now that I've got this puppy in our lives. I know how to train a toddler, but a puppy seems way more daunting. LOL. I know he's right, though. We'll get through this, and I know this pup will be our boys' best buddy.

In the meantime, send me tips, coffee and prayers.


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