Apolinar Altamirano sized

Mug shot of Apolinar Altamirano who is accused of killing a convenience store clerk in Mesa.

PHOENIX (AP) -- Prosecutors have lost another bid to seek the death penalty against an immigrant from Mexico charged with murder in the 2015 shooting death of a convenience store clerk in metro Phoenix.

The Arizona Court of Appeals denied a request by prosecutors to reinstate their effort to seek the death penalty against Apolinar Altamirano in the killing of 21-year-old clerk Grant Ronnebeck.

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Prosecutors had appealed lower-court judge’s decision that said they could not seek capital punishment because Altamirano is intellectually disabled.

The case against Altamirano has been cited by President Donald Trump, who has rallied against crimes committed against American citizens by immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally.

Trump has created a new office to serve victims of immigration crimes and their relatives. He also has invoked such crimes at rallies, pointing to cases in which people were killed by immigrant assailants.

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Altamirano is a citizen of Mexico who has lived in the U.S. without authorization for about 20 years. He has been deported and returned to the U.S. in the past

He is accused of fatally shooting Ronnebeck at a store in Mesa after the clerk insisted that he pay for a pack of cigarettes. Authorities say Altamirano stepped over Ronnebeck to get several packs of cigarettes before leaving the store.

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Altamirano has already been sentenced to six years in prison for earlier guilty pleas in the case to misconduct involving weapons.

He has pleaded not guilty to murder, robbery and other charges.


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(11) comments


i have to hold judgement until i hear what Stanley Roberts has to say on this.


Time for the Ronnebeck family to hire someone to meet out justice. A big finger to judges who would let this po s walk.


House him with the Aryan Nation crowd.


Hey if your a rexard , you can kill all you want with that asx hxle judgement. Ehi, se sei un ritardato, puoi uccidere tutto quello che vuoi con quel giudizio stronzo. [censored]

TRUMP supporter

If illegals are smart enough to rob and pull the trigger then they are smart enough to get fried. Fry this illegal and build the wall and deport all illegals.Stop protecting these criminals.


So because he’s mentally incompetent he’ll get 3 hots and a cot for life on our dime? Where’s the justice in that? He killed somebody over cigarettes. Kill him back. He deserves it and it’ll save us money.


Yes. That's how it works. We don't execute the incompetent.


Sure we do. It’s called abortion.


Keep fluffing the language all you want, he was an ILLEGAL immigrant. "Living in the US without authorization". Weak. Move along, nothing to see here. I hope it gets turned and they smoke the piece of ****.


This is why we need the wall. The idiot liberal judges are protecting the illegals as bad as the socialist democrats.


Do you even know who the judge was or the basis for the decision?

Didn’t think so. The only wall we need is one around dmb shts like you.

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