Abortion ban protest Arizona

Abortion ban protesters showed up to the Arizona State Capitol on May 21, 2019. 

PHOENIX (AP) — Scores of pro-abortion rights activists rallied at the state Capitol in Phoenix to protest a new wave of anti-abortion laws being adopted by other states.

Tuesday's rally drew an estimated 200 people, mainly women, plus a handful of anti-abortion protesters.

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Many protesting the new laws held signs backing rights of women to seek an abortion or warning of the ramifications of banning the procedure.

[VIDEO: Sen. Martha McSally opposes Alabama abortion law]

The rally was one of many held across the nation to protest new state laws targeting abortion rights have been enacted this year. They range from an outright ban in Alabama to bans on abortion after six weeks, before many women know they are pregnant.

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Jodi Liggett of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona called the laws an attack on women.

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(10) comments

Patrick Henry

No your body, not your choice. Do they put any thought into their mindless chanting?


It easy to be Pro-Life until you have an unwanted puddle of protoplasm growing in your womb.


I'm pro choice and I detest "ObeyLaws" gross misrepresentation of pregnancy. It is entirely a medical condition and it is the mothers choice in her decision to continue it. Every sane person wants the abortion rate to go down to zero, right? You do that making contraception and birth control cheap and available which is exactly what conservatives DON'T WANT. And ironic to them, being pro choice is being pro life of the mother. She should get to choose how and when she carry's to term if she so decides. Life is more complex than a "person begins at conception" and "abortion is murder" seeing that "conception" can take up to 12 hours to completely fertilized the ovum, and mothers can have whats called "spontaneous abortion" in which a perfectly viable fetus is expelled naturally from the womb. Is that 1st degree murder or 3rd? Or, It is neither because that's f*cking stupid.


Who is protesting for the babies who are murdered every day?


Didn't you know? They don't count. Abortionists don't view them as people, therefore they have no rights. That stray cat down the street has more rights and more recognition.

Bob Regan

The problem is, once they are born, people like you don't give a rat's rump about them. That's why Arizona has been ranked in the bottom 5% of states when it comes to all areas affecting the education and welfare of its children ..FOR DECADES!


Once again conservatives wholly misrepresent everything about what pro-choice means for women, and rely on BS sensationalistic rhetoric instead of using logic. Fact is, life DOES NOT begin at conception. Life is a continuum. The zygote, the embryo, the fetus, all up until the birth of the child it is a part of the mothers body. Period. Doctors literally have to cut the baby from the womb. And If aborting an embryo at 10 weeks gestation is murder, m@$turbation is genocide and every male would be in prison serving 100 consecutive life sentences. It's a stupid argument to make as it's not supported by evolutionary biology, it is non scientific. Being "pro life" is about control. Control over women's body, their mind and emotions. "Pro life" is about shaming women for being sexually active, and most importantly being "pro life" is definitely NOT about the life of the mother. And once a child is born, as a matter of policy, conservatives do not care about you. At all. You're on your own. End of discussion.


Dean: To answer your question - mostly ignorant, bible-thumping, arrogant, sanctimonious, morality enforcers who want to ignore the law because they don't like it.


Tens of thousands of children starve to death in the middle east EVERY DAY due to proxy wars between the US and Russia. You claim to care about life, but you pick and choose which life to care about as a matter of convenience.

Agustus Gloop

C'mon Dean, when 16 year old Idaily Arellano-Nejaro stole the family truck, drove like a loon, rolled it and died after being ejected, you were right there with all the other pukes, celebrating her death. Not really a good spokesperson for pro life. You also posted "you can bet she was in trouble all her life and karma caught up to her." I guess you also bet the aborted things in a women's body deserved it? Hypocrite Dean.

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