AJO, AZ (AP) — Authorities say another military service member assigned to help secure the U.S.-Mexico border has died in southern Arizona.

Officials at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado, said in a statement that the military service member with the Southwest Border Support Mission was found dead Sunday near Ajo, Arizona.

They say the incident is under investigation, but foul play isn’t suspected.

The name of the military service member wasn’t released.

It’s the second such death this month.

The base previously announced the June 1 death of another military service member near Nogales, Arizona, who also was assigned to the Southwest Border Support Mission.

Base officials said foul play wasn’t suspected in that death either.

President Donald Trump assigned several thousand troops to the southwest border in recent months to support the U.S. Border Patrol.

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The Arizona's Heat is deadly


So is suicide....


Why do u keep throwing out my comments ,, just want to know why . I seen comments is more vulgar language then in any other place . Pls I’m asking pls STOP DELETING MY POST I FEEL THAT I HAVE DONE ABSOLUTLY NOTHING WRONG .


well allow me to explain something about AZfamily commentary section it's like the Mob in here some people are allowed to post nasty comments that break the rules and some people are not allowed YOU just remember Arizona is the most corrupted State in America so deal with it


Mmmmm illegal ALIENS lmao I have never seen any illegal ALIENS in my life . Where do they come from or how they get here in spaceships wow this ALIENS must ride in style . But my main ? Is where do they come from what planet , mars perhaps Jupiter who knows maybe Jupiter but where ever they come from I be stoked to see them , lmao again and again . Douche Daddy ,,punk a.. navy boy,, ohnolaws,,,grits, are nothing but trolls with nonsense in their brainless head .

Malcom X

More people have died crossing the border than all military conquests of the last thirty years.


Military's are backed by Governments with enormous resources, Refugee's are fleeing paramilitary's and corrupt Governments as families or as individuals and often have no help at all.. the two are not even close to comparable.


Ignoramous - Even IF you are 100% correct, is the answer for them to all come here and turn the U.S. into a Third World country?? You must not have children - at least none that you care about. Their future is at stake because of this issue. In any event, the U.S. simply cannot take care of all the down trodden people from all over the world especially when they drain from our resources without contributing a commensurate amount TO our resources. I just don't understand why that concept is so hard for you pro-immigration types to comprehend. Try thinking with your head and not just your emotions and you may reach a different conclusion.


Ever heard of Ellis Island? The US is built out of different peoples and cultures. Whether it's cuisine or musical instruments and music composition- we're all enriched by exposure to these cultures. The US used to be the richest country on earth in many more ways than one, quite evidently you don't believe that immigrants turned the US into a third-world county before your birth (assuming you were born in the US). Don't be afraid.


Excellent point nuusmaan!!!! Good job using Ellis Island, a point of entry for legal immigration. LEGAL. My ancestors are from Hungary and Germany. And all came her LEGALLY, on a boat, through Ellis Island. LEGALLY . They didn't swarm across the border like locusts, EXPECTING to be taken care of, and to be given free medical care. They can go home, and try doing it like everyone else. If that's not feasible, too bad so sad. Maybe we can send 500 cruise ships to every poor country on the planet, and just pick everyone up and bring em on over :D party time!


The truth be known they are not "fleeing ... governments" they are attacking the USA because they know they can illegally invade this country and get by with it then receive free health care, free food, free education and more.


stop making things up


"More people have died crossing the border..."? Really? That's not true, or nearly true. Put up your numbers.


The death count is reported every year of people escaping violence in Guatemala, El Salvador, etc., only to die of heat exhaustion crossing the boarder. In any case, anyone dying from heat related causes is a terrible thing and I pray for the patrol officers family.


I have an insiders view of many of these communities. Its pathetic that people believe the tripe that these immigrants are escaping violence in their home countries. They come for one reason only - the economic reason. Nearly all of them are not poor in their home country. The true poor - who deal with most of violence - cannot afford to leave... This is why less than 3% of asylum applications are approved. None of them are facing violence or threats to their lives.


It’s much hotter in Iraq. If they have a pre-existing condition -and know it- they should not be in the Military. An American dying while in support of our border provides great political opportunity for the Anti-border mob...this is why you must read about it.


We need the democrats to appropriate all the money needed to secure our borders and to allow immediate deportation of illegal aliens.


Can't we read more stories about illegal immigrants and their children being found dead instead of servicemen? If enough illegals die in the desert maybe, just maybe they'll start to learn it's not a good idea to come here.


Maybe the deaths are heat related You can't have a person stand out in this heat for hours if they're from a different region of the country, a different climate, and their body hasn't acclimated to Arizona's heat and dryness.


Absolutely, could also be from an existing medical condition or anything for that matter. A shame either way.

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