American Airlines adds new service to London from Phoenix

American Airlines will add a flight to London from Phoenix in 2019. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS5)-- American Airlines is in the process of restructuring Phoenix operations. 

A spokesperson for American Airlines told Arizona's Family that 700 Phoenix-based flight attendants will need to look for a new hub.

"This is a slap to the face of the Phoenix base," said Alana Billingsley, a flight attendant.

They're being asked to move to either Dallas-Ft. Worth or Los Angeles.

"It's about a third of our base," said Billingsley.

The Phoenix-based crew were first notified of the change on Wednesday.

"(The company email) gave no clear direction in how this reduction is going to happen," Billingsley said.

She added the number of flight attendants won't drop, just that they'll be relocating.

"They're asking us to uproot our lives and our families and move to a different base," said Billingsley.

Billingsley said she hasn't been notified of any compensation for volunteering to move.

There is no word if any flight attendants have already volunteered to leave.

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American Airlines hopes to relocate 700 Phoenix flight attendants in the next couple of years, citing restructuring from the US Airways merger several years ago. 

She said some of the employees are from the original Tempe-based America West Airlines. American then merged with US Airways in 2005.

"Right now everybody is so unsure of what comes next," said Billingsley.

The reduction of Phoenix-based flight attendants will not impact American Airlines flight schedules at Sky Harbor. 

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(9) comments


AWA was a really good airline until Doug Parker took over. The FA's were some of the best in the industry. It was a sad day when they merged with U S Air. That marked the beginning of the end of a good, passenger focused airline. It's all about profits now, you can forget about good Customer Service and value.


They all suck and Have sucked since the early '80s... More so if you work for them. Learned this the hard way in the late '80s...


The airline doesn't owe their flight attendants or other employees anything besides a paycheck. Pretty simple - move your base or find another job. Someone, somewhere has to push back against entitled brats who think the world owes them everything.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ObeyLaws you have it turned around. The entitled brats at American Airlines are Doug Parker and his friends. If you did not know Doug Parker runs the airline, and with an iron fist and cares nothing for his employees. Thank God for unions that does the best they can to protect them.


American Airlines told the public this would not happen when they merged with US Airways. What a surprise coming from the worst airline in America.


The worst airline in America is Delta; the worst airline in the world is BSA (British Sucking Airways).


BSA? Never heard of it. Do you mean BA (British Airways)? They're good, according to their passengers. In the US, Spirit gets the most complaints.


As noted in my comment BSA: British "Sucking" Airways, AKA BA. I've flown them a number of times and 80% of the time has been an absolute horror. Last flight in 2018 we spent and extra 3+ hours on the tarmac while they repaired the hydraulic system (a/c shut off). The time before that we spent 3.5 hours on the tarmac while they waited to install a $20 engine part (again, no a/c). Just the tip of the iceberg of my experiences with them.


American Airlines had nothing to do with the promises. US Airways bought out American (saving them from bankruptcy) so it was the head of US Airways (DOUG PARKER) who made promises he knew he would not keep). His original home is in Dallas and wanted to move back there and remove the hub designation from Phoenix. He did just that. He did similar things when the best airline ever (America West) bought US Airways to save it from going under.

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