CALVERTON PARK, Mo. — Authorities say an 11-month-old girl has died after being locked inside a car for about 15 hours in suburban St. Louis.

The Florissant Valley Fire Protection District received a call around 4:30 p.m. Sunday about an infant who wasn't breathing and found the child unresponsive in Calverton Park. First responders were unable to revive her.

"I feel like a piece of my heart is gone because she was a part of me," Joseline's cousin Lilly Bellfield told

It's unclear why the child was left inside the car for so long. The high temperature in St. Louis on Sunday was 79 degrees. Police have questioned two persons of interest in the girl's death.

A family friend says the parents are devastated.

"You have two young parents. One telling one to get the child and other telling the know mistakes are made," said family friend Barbara Beckett. "it's a nightmare, they are traumatized. They can't stop crying."

Joseline's grandparents set up a GoFundMe to assist in paying for funeral expenses. 

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(11) comments


yes I have made mistakes Barbara, but when my children were small I knew where they were all the time. And I am the dad.


This is where punishment should fit the crime. Put the parents in a car for 15 hrs on a 110 day. If you make it out, then ok.


RIP little one you are safe now.


Barbara must be living in the land of OZ. Anyone with a 11 month old baby comes into contact with the baby at least 5 times in a 15 hour period. Dad's at least 2 times, so come on Barbara MOVE OUT OF OZ LAND YOU AIN'T CONVINCING NO ONE THAT WAS AN ACCIDENT! They can't stop crying, to bad think about the horrific way that baby died, do I feel sorry for the parents. not one bit. But I'm sorry for the baby that got the parents she did. I really hope it haunts them till their dead, Sorry arse people. Now you want everyone else to pay for your mistake. Go to H-ll


They can't stop crying because they know they are going to jail.


So they want money after killing their baby? Anyone donating should be considered abetting to the crime. There are no excuses here.

La guerra

"No,she has the baby!" "No,he's got the baby!" Wow,15 hours?! Nobody passed by the car? Or needed to go to the store? Sounds kinda weird to me.


this is NOT a mistake (per the family friend), this is murder.


So for 15 hours nobody wondered where this 11 month old child was?? I'd say there is a whole lot more to this story. Can't tell me drugs weren't involved, Someone is responsible for this child dying, or is this another one swept under the rug??? People suck!


How could these Parents Not Notice the baby was not with them? Dear Lord in Heaven, she needed fed,a diaper change for 15 hours? Druggies for sure!


agreed - something else was a mitigating factor - 15 hours places that baby in the car at 1:30(ish) in the morning the day before! out drinking? drugging? whatever...there was something else.

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