Mobile service helps people get needed lab tests at home


Having her blood drawn may not be Lorraine Croutch's favorite thing, but getting regular blood tests is critical. “I am getting it for Warfarin for my heart and so forth,” she says, because the doctor adjusts her medication based on the results. “The doctor calls me the day after Josh takes it, and gives me the results and tells me what the next dosage will be.”

Josh is the phlebotomist who comes to her house, because, unfortunately for Croutch, like for many people, getting to the lab is not always easy. “I have to depend on my daughter to take me. And she is working so it is kind of hard all of a sudden to say, ‘I've got to go take my mother.’”

Jamie Gordon says it is a problem she saw all too often. “Being that we worked in the labs, we saw the need for people who would hold onto the requisition for months who needed to have their blood work done, because they were not able to get in or they were too ill and couldn’t get there.”

That's why she and husband Gary started Unique Lab Services. Employees will come to your home to collect samples, on your schedule.

But Gordon says the company can help patients even before that. “We get a requisition from the doctor, the orders, and we can come in and take care of that," she says. “We send the labs to where their insurance is accepted. And we take it directly to them. They do all the testing and send the results right to the doctors. And then the patient will get the results from their physician.”

While you may have a co-pay with the actual testing lab, you will not have not have one from Unique Lab; they accept what your insurance pays, with no further bills. Gordon says the idea is to make the whole process as comfortable as possible.

“We try to make it the same person each time. We have them go, and they develop a nice rapport with the person.”

Croutch says the whole process has been so simple that while they are taking her blood, there is no sweat and tears. “It’s just really good," she says. "I'm really pleased, I'm happy I have it.”

Unique Lab Services does take other samples besides blood.

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