AFFTON, Mo. (AP/KMOV) — Grant's Farm will no longer keep elephants at the attraction in St. Louis County after four of them died at the farm this year.

Leaders at the attraction owned by Anheuser-Busch decided Saturday to end the elephant display after all four of their elephants died this year. Three of them died in December.

The farm, which is home to the Budweiser Clydesdales and other animals, plans a tribute to the elephants when it reopens next spring.

The final elephant, 15-year-old Max, died Wednesday. Grant's Farm said in a Facebook post that Max had been monitored by staff and showed no signs of concern. They speculate that, as a herd animal, he was impacted by the deaths of Toby and Mickey.

Max the elephant

The final elephant, 15-year-old Max, died Wednesday.

The others — 38-year-old Toby and 34-year-od Mickey — both died earlier this month.

A fourth elephant, Bud, died in March at age 34 from bacterial pneumonia.

"There's nothing that's going on wrong at Grant's Farm," explained Julia Mize, the Vice President of Grant's Farm. "We have the best animal staff taking care of our animals, not only the folks that are employed by grants farm but we have specialists that consult with us with all of our animals."

Officials said necropolises were done on the animals but it could be months before the exact causes of death are known for Max, Toby and Mickey.

The farm was built by Ulysses S. Grant on land given to him and his wife by his father in 1848.

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Those all seem like pretty young ages to be dying at... with good health care and a balanced diet. Especially the 15 year old.

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