While some of the most memorable commercials usually happen during the Super Bowl, every now and then, a hard-to-forget commercial pops up. The Geico insurance commercial is one of those, mostly because of the spokesman. I mean spokesgecko.

The guy behind creating the now-famous gecko just took a job here in town. His name is Ken Spera.

"As far as what's gonna stick and really take hold, that's a bit of a crapshoot," he told me.

Spera knows a thing or two about creating something memorable for the masses.You know the talking sheep in the Serta iComfort mattress commercials? Also his idea.

"You count sheep to go to sleep. What if you didn't need to do that? What if your mattress was comfortable enough not to have to count sheep? What would the sheep's reaction be?" Spera said, explaining this thought process.

Spera came up with the Geico gecko idea after hearing from the company that customers were confusing the name Geico with the word gecko, a lizard.

"It's a funny thing where something that arbitrary kind of catches hold in the public psyche and it just becomes an icon," Spera said. "So no one really expected it to blow up like this, but when it aired, the phones rang off the hook at Geico. In fact, they had to hire more phone operators to handle the call volume. So they said, 'We should make more of these.'"

Spera moved to Arizona about a month ago to start his job as the new chief creative officer at Santy, a Scottsdale ad firm.

The key to being successful in his job is unique creativity. He has some advice for standing out at any job.

"I have been very lucky to work for people that allowed me to do my thing and believed that my decisions were gonna be good ones," he said. "So, surrounding yourself with people who love you and care about you is essential to success anywhere."

As far as continuing to keep those creative juices flowing, Spera has got that covered. Getting used to the desert, however, may take some time.

"Well, it's a little weird to walk out of the door at 7:30 a.m. and it's 104 degrees!" he said with a laugh.

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