Writing on the rocks.

The latest pictures of vandalism in scenic canyons have gone viral on social media, after a family left their names etched into Labyrinth Canyon, part of the Glen Canyon Recreation Area.

“It’s horrible to see. These canyons are sacred to a lot of people,” said Page city councilman Levi Tappan.

Tappan said his city. In the southern part of Glen Canyon, sees 4 million tourists a year coming to visit the surrounding canyons, and said volunteers and crews are going out daily trying to remove words written onto them. He said the sandstone is easy to carve into, but fixing it once that happens, is not.

“They’re going out there with sledgehammers and taking slabs of rock off,” said Tappan.

Tappan said in 2011 a North Carolina man was fined $10,000 for writing over petroglyphs in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

In 2016 actress Vanessa Hudgens was fined a $1,000 for carving into rock in Sedona.

“Do you think people forget how old and historic these canyons are?” asked reporter Briana Whitney.

“These aren’t buildings or manmade objects that people are just spray painting on,” said Tappan.

Glen Canyon officials told us removal of graffiti can take up to several days, as officials try to preserve the 190 million year old Jurassic sandstone.

But if you must leave your mark as a vacation memory, Tappan says you can.

In California.

“There are really nice beaches. You can write your name on the beach and take your picture in the sand ‘Family Trip 2018’ and that’ll wash away,” said Tappan.

Volunteers are going out Saturday to work on graffiti removal at Horseshoe Bend.

If you see vandalism in any of the canyons, you can text the Powell Watch Number at 928-614-0820.

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