As you walk or drive along Seventh Street about two blocks north of McDowell Road in Phoenix, you can see an incredible mural that spans about 80 feet being painted, featuring iconic photos of the late David Bowie.

Local artist Maggie Keane, known for her courtroom sketches, is dedicating her time to beautifying the community and people are already taking notice.

She started the project about six weeks ago, and works outside, in the heat, for several hours at a time.

"The inspiration came unfortunately out of his (David Bowie's) death," Keane explained. "I was so disappointed when he died, and sad, and I always wanted to paint this wall and didn't know what to put on it...and when he passed away, the choice was clear...that I needed to do a tribute."

Keane works as a sketch artist at the federal courthouse, where television cameras are not allowed inside.

She says she enjoys doing large-scale projects, like painting the mural for all to see, as well.

"It's just jumping from one medium to another, and one scale to another," Keane said. "I like to work big. So as a billboard painter, I got used to doing that but I've always done drawings and sketches, but they're on a smaller scale with a pencil not a big paint brush. It's just fun to do different various things in art and it's an easy transition to make from one thing to another."

Keane plans on completing the mural within the next few weeks.Copyright 2016 KPHO/KTVK (KPHO Broadcasting Corporation). All rights reserved.

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