Jodi Arias arrived at the Perryville Prison for women Monday afternoon to begin serving her life sentence without the possibility of parole.

"It's certainly not penthouse living at its finest. It is living on the taxpayer dime, and it is sparse, to say the least," said Barrett Marson.

Marson, a former spokesman for the Arizona Department of Corrections, was describing life in the Lumley Unit, Arias' new home.

The maximum security unit located at the Perryville Prison in Goodyear is also home to Arizona's two remaining female death row inmates.

"Pretty much her entire life is now going to be spent inside that cell; she'll eat in there," Marson said.

It's about an 8-foot-by-12-foot cement cell.

ADC video from inside one of the Lumley unit's cells shows a small bunk, a sink, toilet and not much else.

"It doesn't have air conditioning and it's west-facing. Likely, it faces the outdoors, so it is going to be very uncomfortable for her certainly during those summer months. It has a swamp cooler," he said.

To start, Arias will spend up to 23 hours a day in her cell.

She will get about six hours a week of what's called "recreation time" where she can get some fresh air, but her outdoor activities will still take place behind bars in enclosed areas.

Arias will also be able to shower a few times a week, and visitation is allowed, although it will be severely limited.

"She'll only get a couple hours of non-contact visits every week to start out, and she can earn more with good behavior and as she goes down in custody levels," Marson said.

In addition, she can only have up to 20 people on her visitation list, and they all have to pay for and pass background checks.

Even though Arias is a maximum security inmate now, she might not always be. Given her natural life sentence, the lowest level she can attain is medium security, but that will take years and require good behavior.

There were additional security measures in place at the prison as Arias arrived Monday, including guards checking in and anyone who visited the facility.

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