Happy National Weatherperson's Day!

National Weatherperson's Day is Feb. 5. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5 News)

It’s another one of those "Hallmark holidays," sort of. You know, holidays made up so you can send a card or say hello to someone?

And today isn’t so much a Hallmark Holiday as it is just weird. National Weatherperson’s Day.

So you know me, I have to do a little research and find out about this. I’m pretty sure there was no National Weatherperson’s Day when I started this forecast adventure.

It’s named after a guy named John Jeffries who is one of the earliest weather observers. He started in Boston in 1774 and today, February 5th, is his birthday.

Immediately I’m wondering how did

Benjamin Franklin

get passed by on this? He was making weather observations in the 1730s,

flew that legendary kite into a thunderstorm

and was the first to develop an understanding of the warm Gulf Stream current off the east coast of the US.

Now Jeffries was no slouch. Besides being a weather observer, he was a doctor, a surgeon a balloonist and, believe it or not, is credited with the first “air” mail when he dropped a letter from his balloon. He even used that balloon to make observations of the atmosphere above ground, another first.

So I guess it makes sense that this rather obscure person in history has this rather obscure holiday named after him. The other mystery? When did the "holiday" start? No one seems to know, but I bet it was fairly recently and if I find out, I’ll blog it.

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