Technology teacher at Explorer Middle School awarded Silver Apple

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Christy Tenney is the technology teacher at Explorer Middle School in North Phoenix. She believes that by giving her students a strong foundation in the subject, it serves as a springboard for so much more.

In fact, when the Silver Apple crew showed up in Mrs. Tenney's computer science STEM lab, she was discussing innovation and problem-solving with her students.

“It's not just such a big part of the learning process, but the world for the future,” says Tenney as she talks about inspiring her students. “Getting them in at any age is awesome.”

After Mrs. Tenney received the Silver Apple Award, Donald Vanhofwegen from the Arizona Dairy Council presented her with a check.

"On behalf of Arizona Dairy Council, I just want to congratulate you on earning the Silver Apple Award,” said Vanhofwegen, ”We present you with a check for $500 from the Arizona Dairy Council to use at your discretion.”

“I was just buying things this morning out of my own pocket for these guys,” said Mrs. Tenney when presented with the award. “So this will be fabulous. I plan to buy new circuit board electronics for [my students] to code.”

Megan Howell is the student who nominated Mrs. Tenney for the Silver Apple Award. She read the letter she wrote to the selection committee in class.

"Mrs. Tenney is a phenomenal teacher. She challenges us with rigorous work, but she encourages us and helps us if we need her support. Mrs. Tenney has helped us to grow as people. She teaches us to always be kind, to never give up on our dreams, and to keep going even when it seems impossible. Because of Mrs. Tenney, I love computer science and I know I can do anything with computer science.”

Megan also told the Silver Apple committee that Mrs. Tenney teaches four classes, sponsors two clubs and helps with the Kindness Campaign on campus.

After hearing the letter written about her, Mrs. Tenney said, “to hear that the things that you do every day don't go unnoticed is amazing.” Mrs. Tenney says she loves being in the classroom and teaching. “I got into teaching junior high because I think they're so into new ideas and getting into technology at that time. It's a big part of their lives.”

While Mrs. Tenney says her students are learning advanced skills in her class like coding and programming, she hopes she is also teaching and inspiring them to believe in and see a brighter future for themselves.

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