Phoenix-area rapper set to receive Change Nations "Youth Add Value Award"

Now the rapper born without a jaw is ready to tackle his next phase in life after graduating from Apollo High School. (Source: Acosta family)

He has released singles like “Oxygen to Fly” and “Hate is for The Weak.”

Now the rapper born without a jaw is ready to tackle his next phase in life after graduating from Apollo High School.

Isaiah Acosta has had a whirlwind of a year after his two singles, going on tour, meeting with big-time celebrities, going to prom and then graduating, so what’s this all mean to him?

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“It has been a mind-blowing year for me. I still can’t believe it myself. I can’t believe all the fans and support I have. I can’t go anywhere without being recognized and I’m saving lives in the process. My message is being heard loud and clear,” says the now 18-year-old.

Born without a jaw and upper airways, doctors told his parents he wouldn’t live, wouldn’t be able to get out of bed and would never walk. He has amazed everyone including his own family, so much so Mom gets choked up just thinking about his accomplishment.

“I still haven’t soaked it in. I’m still trying to grasp on to everything that is happening, especially since graduation day. It’s been a big moment since birth. It’s been amazing everything he is doing,” per Isaiah’s Mom Tara Acosta.

Even more amazing Isaiah has more new music he is ready to release, The Discovery Channel just shot a story on him and his amazing journey and the Library of Congress recorded Isaiah’s story as a “medical miracle.”

Which the young man admits, is only scratching the surface of what he wants to do. “I have so many goals and ideas, so much I want to do in life. It's going to be one step at a time. I'm going to continue helping my hospitals in any way I can and continuing to do my charity work. I also now love to travel."

This weekend Isaiah is being awarded the “I change Nations Youth Add Value Award at the Productive Business Summit taking place this weekend at the Falls Event Center in Gilbert. Proving his nay-sayers wrong time and time again.

“All I needed was a fair chance in life. It all made me stronger. Never judge what your eyes see” says Isaiah.

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