Extreme fitness camp for kids underway in Scottsdale

Xtreme Gymnastics has day cams for kids 3-12. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

We are in the thick of summer and there are still a few weeks before school starts. So, parents, are your kids getting restless yet? If so, how about taking them to a place that will keep them active all while having fun? It's a full day of fitness for the kids without them even realizing they're exercising.

Xtreme Gymnastics is getting kids inspired and fit through gymnastics, and camp started Monday.

"Your kids will strive in an exciting environment and stay active and out of the heat while developing the strength and self-esteem they need to achieve success," owner Aimee Burton said. This extreme summer camp for kids focuses on fitness and being active through a full day of gymnastics, trampoline, obstacle courses and more.

"It's masked as a full day of extreme fun for the kids," camp director Amy Bucknell explained.

Parents can drop off their kids at Xtreme Gymnastics Monday through Friday for a day of fitness-related activities, and the best part, they'll have themes for the kids each week, such as superheroes week, ninjas week and splash week complete with water games.

"The philosophy underlying everything we do, is 'learning is fun,'" Burton said. The atmosphere at Xtreme Gymnastics buzzes with excitement. Kids channel their energy in obstacle training and martial arts through a new attraction called the NinjaZone.

"This program is transforming the way kids move," Burton said. "Ninjas are trained to spin, roll, flip, kick, and fly through challenges almost as if they are starring in a real-life video game. Ninja skills transcend the gym."

She hopes the NinjaZone becomes the next big movement in kids' athletics as parents see the benefits.

"The progressive skill system in the NinjaZone program teaches focus, grit, and confidence, leaving kids ready for the next challenge at ninja class, or in life," she said. And it begins with the littlest tumblers. The young ones start out with a kindergym session to help work on key areas of motor development.

"They'll also acquire a stronger sense of social awareness through exercises that encourage sharing, taking turns, and learning how to take directions," Burton said.

Those are skills they can use in the classroom.

"Our classes can give our students an edge as they re-enter the school year and compete in extracurricular sports with confidence," she said. "Our approach is based on principles proven to support increased brain function."

Kids ages 3 through 12 can enjoy Fit 'n' Fun Summer Day Camp through Aug.3. The full-day camp is 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Half-day sessions are 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

The ultimate goal is to start kids out on the right foot with good habits and teach them that being healthy and active can be fun.

For more information, call 480-596-3543 or check out xtremegymnastics.com/.

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