It's really rare to hear of things falling from airplanes and hitting the ground, but that's what happened to one Mesa homeowner who says an aircraft's emergency slide hit her house.

A Buddha statue and some angels usually are the only things sitting outside Andrea Self's front door.

"It's definitely a blessing that the damage is a tree and not a person," Self said.

Even though she lives directly under a flight path, the most she ever hears are jet engines.

"It was a loud bang and then the house actually shook," Self said.

It's been windy this week but what hit her house Wednesday afternoon was anything but a downed tree.

"It just smelled like sulfur burning," she explained.

Mesa police officers responded and did some digging.

"Someone else had called 911 and said that they had seen an object falling from an airplane," Self explained.

It landed right outside Self's front door.

"They kind of put two and two together that this must be the emergency slide," Self said.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirms it was. The agency tells us an Atlas Air Boeing 767 was on final approach to Sky Harbor Airport when the right over-the-wing emergency escape slide deployed. The plane was at 2,800 feet and was able to land without any trouble. Only the crew was onboard.

But concern set in for Self and not just for the passengers on the plane.

"Did they hear something? Did the captain know something was going on?" Self asked.

She was equally concerned how this could have potentially hurt people on the ground.

"There's Riverview Park literally in my backyard and the Cubs are currently playing games right now," Self said. "If it had fallen on a car, it still would have been devastating."

The FAA is investigating what caused that slide to deploy.

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