(Meredith) – A school bus driver in Pennsylvania is facing child endangerment charges after students say she abandoned a bus at a gas station with more than 25 students still on it.

Pennsylvania state police have charged Lori Ann Mankos, 44, with DUI and 26 counts of endangering the welfare of children, according to WFMZ.

According to Northhampton Senior High School students who were on the bus, the incident began Friday afternoon when Mankos appeared agitated.

Students said at first, they were joking about Mankos’ bad driving. But video captured on the bus shows students starting to panic when the bus begins swerving. In the video, one student can be heard telling the driver to pull over.

Student Mason Persiani, 16, told WFMZ that at first, the bus driver refused to pull over.

“She ended up telling us to… go **** ourselves and flipped us off,” Persiani said. “You know, stuck her hand in the air and flipped us off.”

Then, in the video, the driver can be heard asking, “Do you want, if I just pulled over and called everybody’s parents to pick them up?” The students can be heard shouting “yes” in response.

Eventually, Mankos parked the bus at a Sunoco gas station, but Persiani said she would not let the students off the bus.

Video then shows the students leaving out the back door’s emergency exit.

The school district told WFMZ that Mankos then got off the bus and walked away from the gas station, leaving the students stranded. Police said she handed the bus keys to a gas station employee before walking away.

Many students called their parents to come pick them up from the gas station. The school district arranged for another bus driver to arrive at the gas station and take home the rest of the students.

No one was hurt in the incident, but parents said they want an explanation.

While Mankos was arrested and charged, it’s unclear what penalties she will face with her employer.

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(12) comments


THIS is why I don't drive a school bus! 😂


Some people can take just so much. Being a bus driver is a lot harder than one might think. Disruptive, insolent kids that don't respect anyone AND the bottom of the barrel in the job market regarding the employment pool for drivers. Another sad situation related to our education system.


C'mon, that's hilarious.


A drunk driving a school bus is hilarious? You name does not support your comments.


Sounds like you people agree with being drunk driving a school bus. Talk about inane.


The explanation is that it was this poor woman's job to drive teenagers in Pennsylvania.


If you have kids you should NOT have the option to withhold tax payment for your kids public education,,,,, however, if your single and never had kids YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO BE EXEMPT FROM PAYING TAXES ON ANY PUBLIC EDUCATION FACILITIES/ TRANSPORTATION/ SPORTS TEAMS/ ETC.!!! HAave parents pay for this service and see how different kids act towards higher payed school bus drivers.


I think you smoked billie's willie a bit too much.


Mr. Willie - Your plea for not withholding public education funding would go much farther if your spelling and grammar were better. (i.e., kid's not kids; you're single not your single; paid not payed; Have not HAave...) I'm not sure who "payed" for your GED, but they should get their money back...


Nice, a grammar lesson. You know what they say; If you want to look smart, hang around dumb people, or maybe it is; if you want to look skinny hang around fat people? aNyHOo!


May I recommend some light reading on John Adams' views on public education. It may give you a different view.


For the meantime, these jerk kids need some morals integrated into their lifestyles. Only if the media could focus on and have a narrative of "the innocent kids vs the drunken school bus driver", oh , that is the narrative... Well, how about the opposite narrative, next time crazy stuff happens in American society in a school or school bus ride,,, SHOULD THERE BE A SOBER BUS DRIVER, I can't advocate for a drunken bus driver.

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