Goodyear Police Detective Noah Yeo

Goodyear Police Detective Noah Yeo

Detective Yeo began his career as a public servant in 2001 when he enlisted in the United States Air Force. He served his country with honor having completed three (3) tours of duty for Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and one (1) tour of duty in Iraqi for “Iraqi Freedom.”

Building on the foundation and exemplary principles of a US Veteran, he continued serving the public by joining the Goodyear Police Department in 2008. As a new officer, he applied those principles with success before being promoted to the rank of Detective in 2014.

During his rookie time in the Criminal Investigations Division, Detective Yeo was known for his commitment to solving complicated crimes. Other senior detectives often spoke highly of his achievements and recognized he was working to strengthen his professional effectiveness through education. Due to Detective Yeo’s commitment to excellence, he was quickly promoted to the position of Senior Lead Homicide Investigator.

Over the past two years, Detective Yeo has investigated over 62 death investigations, including some that generated international media attention.

While investigating a serious high profile case,  Detective Yeo authored over 123 reports and 8 search warrants, combining a total of 3,500 pages. He also maintained his normal case load - a feat in and of itself.  Detective Yeo dedicated an enormous amount of overtime hours away from his family to ensure his high profile case and regular case load all received the attention they deserved.

Detective Yeo has presented a case at the 2018 Arizona Child Fatality Review Board which is sponsored by the Arizona Department of Health Services. Representatives from the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and the Medical Examiner’s Office later expressed their gratitude to Detective Yeo for his hard work and praised him for his diligent persistence with this case.  A representative with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office stated this was one of the most complicated cases she’s ever prosecuted.  Detective Yeo also received praise from Westry Wilton, Senior Criminal Analyst from the Rocky Mountain Information Network who conducted work for him on this case. She described his work as “stellar” and was amazed at how detailed his reports were.

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